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What It Means If Your Child Uses Both Hands to Write

Only 1% of people are ambidextrous, which means they can write, draw, and do anything with both of their hands, equally. And it’s quite normal for parents to get a little worried when they notice their child is not right-handed or left-handed, but both. However, this doesn’t mean anything bad but it does say a lot about your kid.

We at Bright Side gathered some facts about ambidextrous children so that you can learn more about this phenomenon.

Their moods can be more influenced.

“Inconsistent-handers” can easily slip into a new mood under the pressure of their environment. This idea was confirmed during an experiment carried out by a group of scientists. In it, the ambidextrous and right-handed participants were asked to think of sad, happy, or anxiety-inducing thoughts while listening to classical music. As the results showed, the ambidextrous participants were more likely to switch the way they felt before the experiment ended.

They can see things in a different way.

Research has shown that ambidextrous people can learn and see things in a different way due to synesthesia. It’s a condition that makes people have interlinked senses. This means that they may see sounds, taste words, or feel a touch on their skin when they smell something. It’s like one triggers the other. For example, a Reddit user shared that he can read the word “curious” and feel the taste of a carrot in his mouth.

They are good with art, music, and sports.

Kids that are born with ambidexterity tend to be better with sports, art, and music. So, it’s quite important to keep an eye on this and develop their skills. Here are some famous people who are also ambidextrous: Lewis Carroll, Tom Cruise, Charlie Chaplin, Leonardo da Vinci, and Nikola Tesla.

They can get easily distracted.

According to a study, children that are ambidextrous are more likely to develop ADHD and have more difficulty concentrating. It’s important to pay attention to kids’ activities so that support is given to them at a young age. It’ll help your child get better results in different aspects of their life.

They can learn faster.

According to research, ambidextrous children can learn faster and are more versatile, open-minded, and efficient than other kids. This happens because their brains don’t have a dominant hemisphere, unlike other kids’ brains.

Having an ambidextrous child is not something that should scare you, but it does mean having to keep an eye on some features that might come along with this. So now, you can understand what your kids need and can help them on their life path.

Have you noticed that your kid or someone else’s uses both of their hands? Do they differ from other children in any way?

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