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15 Examples of Double Standards We’re All Fed Up With

In society, we may often notice that the same actions can be assessed differently. Certain behavior is acceptable for one group of people or a certain person and is frowned upon for others. In some cases, it’s men who are discriminated against, and in other instances, it’s women that are judged. The actions of people who differ in age or the way they look can also be interpreted subjectively.

We at Bright Side often come across situations that lack fairness, but everyone is so used to this way of thinking that we don’t even notice it.

1. Society favors a large number of previous partners for men, but not for women.

2. We’re willing to admire the female body in advertising, but at the same time, it causes offense in real life.

3. The demands for the way a woman looks are much higher.

4. It’s customary to admire a female body during pregnancy, but judge it after childbirth.

5. Expressing feelings is encouraged for women and frowned upon for men.

6. It’s expected that a woman does house chores, while the lack of this ability in men is easily forgiven.

7. A man can reach success himself, but a woman does it only with the help of men.

8. We believe that a man is better with electronics and other appliances by default.

9. It’s considered impolite to discuss the appearance of obese people, yet it’s okay to give advice to slim people.

10. It’s expected that men and women contribute to their family budgets differently.

11. A colleague’s frivolous behavior is forgivable if he’s handsome.

12. Requirements for male and female bosses are different — things that are considered a manifestation of strong will for one are perceived as a weakness for the other.

13. Buying hygienic products is considered shameful by women if the cashier is a man.

14. The main indicator of success for women is their family, while it’s professional achievements for men.

15. Parents demand good grades and success from their kids, not thinking about what example they set by their behavior.

What double standards do you have to deal with?

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