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15+ People Whose Love Stories Will Make Any Heart Sparkle

Love is crucial to our survival, and it often feels as though the world will come to an end without it. The most interesting thing about love is that one will never know when they’ll will meet their true “other half.” Some of the people we’re featuring today went through a lot, but in the end, they prove that love always wins.

1. “My grandmother, 83, got married today. The groom is 88. It was beyond sweet.”

“They met at the old age home a couple of months ago. It all happened very quickly. I heard my gran was getting married to a man I hadn’t met but he’s an absolute gent and I couldn’t be happier.”

2. “27 years ago, in the second grade, my wife and I met.”

3. “In honor of my late mother, we got married on her birthday.”

4. “We were so happy with how everything turned out. All of our efforts came together.”

5. “My husband and me, circa 2004. I’m particularly enjoying the dog collar and the weird baby hold going on.”

6. “Ran away to St. Lucia and married my best friend on 11.11.22. No friends, no family, no stress, it was just about us.”

7. “My husband and me 17 years ago and now, married for 10 years. Hair choices have improved over time.”

8. “I ripped my dress and almost got stuck in it walking up the aisle, but nothing bothered me. It’s the marriage that’s important.”

“So much stress and anxiety about the weather and things going wrong. It was all over so fast and we’re all okay. You’re gonna be okay. Then you’ll see the photos and it will be even more of a magical memory.”

9. “The photos were taken almost exactly one year apart!”

“Having emergency brain surgery put a lot into perspective. As long as you have your person, you’ll be golden.”

10. “My dress was supposed to be black but I found my dream dress and had the best day of my life, 10.08.22.”

11. “5 years of marriage looks like this.”

12. “I haven’t felt so good and like myself since I can’t even remember when.”

“I recently dug myself out of a 4-year depression, am a year away from graduating to be a pharmacist, and have lost 10 pounds over the last couple months, and now I have the most beautiful and amazing girlfriend.”

13. “Sneak peek photos of our 11/11 London wedding. I felt like a rock star!”

14. “When you take ’it’s your wedding, do what you want’ very literally”

15. “I surprised my wife with a vow renewal while on vacation in Oahu, Papailoa Beach. Our son was my best man.”

16. “When we were engaged my partner was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and we got married during his chemotherapy. He’s in remission now and all his hair is back.”

How about you? What’s your love story? Share it down in the comments and let us feel the love!

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