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Men Claim They Face More Unrealistic Beauty Standards Than Women, and Studies Confirm It

There seems to be an unspoken agreement that women face a lot of demands in order to be considered stereotypically attractive in male eyes. What we don’t see is the media bringing up the same issue with men. They most certainly feel a certain way since we live in a “superhero age,” so why don’t we hear much about it? Actually, it seems that men do want to talk about what ladies find attractive, and we found several studies showing that women can be very harsh and judgmental.

We at Bright Side have gotten to the bottom of male insecurities, and we have several eye-opening facts that prove both men and women need to be more accepting of each other.

Men feel insecure too, but they don’t talk about it.

A Reddit user spoke out about having to face unrealistic beauty expectations as a man and why this conversation is uncommon: “Stop acting like women are the only one facing an unrealistic standard. Sure, men could complain, but complaining about it would make them seem like less of a man.” This user gave examples of male celebrities like Jason Momoa, Ryan Reynolds, and more, in support of his argument.

In addition, he mentioned that when it comes to women, weight seems to be the biggest factor that defines attractiveness, while for men it’s something beyond their control, like height expectations.

The reactions to this post were split, but most agreed that the issue exists and shouldn’t be ignored.

Turns out, women consider 80% of men unattractive.

We decided to dig deeper and found a study conducted by OkCupid that supports the claim made on Reddit. The popular dating website conducted a survey asking men and women to rate members of opposite sex as they encounter each other. It turned out that men were far more generous when it came to rating and found as many women attractive as they did unattractive. At the same time, women deemed 80% of men on the site worse-looking than average. There are many fish in the sea for women, but, apparently, very few of them are getting on the Most Wanted Bachelors list.

As a result, dating is literally a war zone for guys.

Tinder representatives were also curious about this phenomenon and looked into their male pool. What they found is that dating for men is, to put it lightly, competitive: “The male is likely to ‘like’ the female 6.2 times more often than the female ‘likes’ the male.” In addition, according to their research, the average female likes only 12% of men. Moreover, the less attractive the male, the less chances he has: “A man of average attractiveness can only expect to be liked by slightly less than 1% of females.”

Women offer their point of view on the topic.

But what do the ladies have to say about all this? The female opinions here are also split, but most agree that males and females are judged by different criteria in the first place.

Where do you stand on this argument? Do you think men or women are judged harder when it comes to appearance or is the field pretty much leveled at this point?

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