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11 Affordable and Hilarious Pet Costumes to Get You Into the Halloween Mood

With another Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to get those spooky outfits ready. And we’ll help you out with some super-adorable options to decide on your pet’s costume. From creepy to funny to cute and even elegant, there’s no shortage of costume choices for your precious furry friend this year. So let’s take a look at the 11 unique outfits we picked out from Amazon to get your pet ready for the Halloween paw-ty.

1. If you’re not into experimenting and would rather stick to good old recognizable Halloween items, then you cannot go wrong with a fancy pair of bat wings. They’re easy to put on and take off and, most importantly, very comfortable for your pet. So, not only will you have a good laugh, but your doggo will enjoy it too. These are made of felt, and the construction is such that it allows the wings to keep their upright shape for a long time, while still being comfortable to wear.

The dog bat costume is not only a go-to style for Halloween but also a fantastic choice for any fun occasion, like pet photo shoots, fun party days, or a family gathering. This small pet costume takes funny pet pictures to a whole new level.

Satisfied buyer’s review:

  • Bought this for my Labrador/Collie mix to wear on Halloween. Looks fab on him, really pleased with how it fits and the quality. It’s nice and light, so it doesn’t bother my dog at all when wearing it. Also, it came with a lead and 2 pumpkin charms for his collar, which was a nice extra! elise b. / Amazon

Buy the dog bat wings HERE

2. A simple, classic, 3-piece Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger costume will make your furry companion the star of any dress-up show. The set includes a sweater, hat, and the iconic glove and will turn your sweet pooch into the legendary villain instantly.

As long as you get the size right, your pet shouldn’t feel any discomfort or strain when wearing this elaborate, good-quality outfit. Size medium fits up to a 15-inch neck to tail and 17-inch chest, and it is best suited for Maltese, Boston Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Pug, French Bulldog, and similar size animals.

Satisfied buyer’s review:

  • My dog looks super cute. This fits perfectly, and I am very happy with the quality of this. It’s Velcro in the middle of the jumper and goes under the tummy, so you don’t see where it joins, and the glove sits over the leg with Velcro around to keep it in place. The hat is also adjustable. My dog is a short-legged Jack Russell/Shi Tzu and weighs 8.4 kg, and the medium size fits her perfectly. I’m super happy with this and that I got the right size. £23 is a lot, but worth every penny. I can’t wait to show her off on Halloween. Sharon / Amazon

Buy the Freddy Krueger costume HERE

3. For folks who are not into scary stuff but are still up for a good laugh on Halloween, this rodeo-themed costume is the perfect option. A cowboy riding on your dog’s back while wielding a hat in his hand is the most chucklesome site you likely have seen in a while.

The costume is so well-designed that the cowboy’s body moves in perfect sync with your pet’s movements, making it all the more hilarious. Perhaps your dog won’t be the scariest little fella in the neighborhood, but it will surely make a memorable appearance.

Satisfied buyer’s review:

  • I bought this for our family pet, it’s a good-quality costume. Our little dog is an 8 kg Cockapoo, and the size S costume fits very well, it’s comfortable on her and not tight at all. The cowboy doll seems very sturdy and holds himself up well while the dog runs around. Amazon customer / Amazon

Buy the cowboy rider costume HERE

4. RAWR! Watch out, everyone, here comes the scary ol’ lion! This giggle-inducing lion mane costume will turn your pet into the funniest (if not the scariest) trick-or-treater. The mane wig is lightweight and easy to wear and is perfect for medium to large-sized dogs.

The fabric, the color, and a pair of lion ears on top make this costume even more convincing. The best thing of all, your pet will likely enjoy wearing it too, thanks to its simple yet comfortable design. What’s more, after the Halloween season is over, this comfy costume easily doubles up as a warm winter hat for your 4-legged companion that can be worn for a walk in the park on a chilly day.

Satisfied buyer’s review:

  • I didn’t read the reviews until after I’d purchased, so was a little concerned as to what was going to arrive. The mane has turned up & I’m not disappointed! Good price for a bit of fun. J Hamilton / Amazon

Buy the lion mane costume HERE

5. Let your cat be in charge of law and order for just one day with this super cute Sheriff uniform costume. This one is a great option for all sorts of special occasions, including Halloween. Your beloved pet, be it a small dog or a cat, will surely cause a lot of heads to turn at any costume party.

By attaching the costume around the neck and popping the little hat on top, your cuddly kitten becomes a mean li’l cowboy. The clever design of the costume allows your pet to strut around freely while making everyone laugh. Very well-made and super-easy to take off and put on.

Satisfied buyer’s review:

  • The costume fits my cat perfectly, and somehow, he really liked it and started purring as we were putting it on! So everyone was happy! Fahimeh / Amazon

Buy the cowboy costume HERE

6. Your best friend deserves the most unique Halloween costume that will not leave them unnoticed. This moose costume for dogs is made of top-quality, soft, non-irritable plush material that is easy to wear and looks very striking, especially on medium to larger dogs. Let your doggo put on a show by pretending to be a scary wild beast — giggles galore, guaranteed!

This realistic pet wig is designed in 2 sizes to perfectly fit dogs of all sizes, from small bulldogs to large ones such as Rottweilers, Labradors, or hounds. The adjustable string around the neck and buckle offer the best fit and comfort for your furry friend.

Satisfied buyer’s review:

  • Loved this product as it allowed us to involve our 2 very large dogs in our family Halloween fun. We find it almost impossible to get Halloween costumes for them because of their size, but these are great. Not only did our furry boys find them comfortable to wear, they were so simple to put on and adjust to their head size with the toggle. Both our boys were happy and excited to be wearing their costumes and when they decided they had enough they could get them off on their own with a few shakes of their heads and pushing it forward off their heads with their paws. Lovely quality products and reasonable prices. Julie Duffy / Amazon

Buy the moose costume HERE

7. No Halloween party is complete without a proper pirate costume, and this little outfit with realistic, eye-catching details will surely have people swooning over your pup. It comes with an easily-adjustable pirate hat and a hook-shaped hand, which is positioned perfectly, so your pooch will look just like a real pirate from any angle.

This no-fuss costume is easy to put on — just slip it onto your pup’s front legs and adjust the strip. Secure the hat by placing the strip under the dog’s chin, and voilà — your pet is all set for an exciting evening of trick-or-treating. It comes in 3 different sizes, so it can be a great fit for dogs of almost any size, from Chihuahua to Boxer to Pit Bull — or even a cat!

Satisfied buyer’s review:

  • Bought this for my Shih Tzu who loves to play dress up. Took him to a pirate day event. And his costume got him so much attention. That he lapped up. Every 10 seconds we were stopped by people asking to take his photo. Even the press at the event took his photo. Stephs public lists / Amazon

Buy the pirate costume HERE

8. Everyone’s invited to this year’s Halloween party, even the tiniest members of your household. This adorable mini-witch hat is perfect for small pets like hamsters, kittens, or even pet lizards. It has an elastic strap to secure it, so your pet can freely strut around without the hat falling off.

This lovely costume set includes a witch hat with a strap and a black scarf, which makes it a simple and classic yet eye-catching party outfit for tiny pets. It’s a real must-have for a cosplay party or a fun holiday photo session.

Satisfied buyer’s review:

  • This was perfect for my guinea pig. I like the fact that there was a chin strap, so the hat could stay on. He looked very festive for Halloween! I like that the price was reasonable, too. Karen Siiman / Amazon

Buy the witch hat HERE

9. Let your dog be the superhero that he thinks he is in this elaborate Batman costume. The costume features a gray shirt with the recognizable Batman symbol, a cape, and a headpiece. Your pet will definitely be the talk of the neighborhood while strolling around dressed like the famous comic character.

A simple yet comfortable pajama-style costume won’t bother your dog in the slightest, especially if he’s already accustomed to wearing coats when it’s cold outside. The cape is detachable, so it can be easily removed if it proves to be annoying. As for the headpiece, well, let your dog decide for himself.

Satisfied buyer’s review:

  • Best dog costume I’ve ever bought! Fits both my shepherd dog and my goldendoodle perfectly. Great quality! Looks great! The dogs didn’t hate wearing this. Amazon Customer / Amazon

Buy the Batman costume HERE

10. This 3-piece Halloween costume set that includes a vampire cloak, bowler hat, and bat wings will add just the right dose of mystery to your Halloween celebration. You can either put the wings on top of the cape, to add that extra spookiness or, if you have more than one cat or a small dog, they can share the costume — so, you basically get 2 costumes for the price of one.

The bat wings are made of black felt, and the vampire mantle is made of satin, so your beloved 4-legged friends will be not only scary but also elegant and classy. The fabric is comfy and lightweight, so your pet will feel comfortable. The hat is sturdy and has an elastic strap, so it will securely stay in place.

Satisfied buyer’s review:

  • My cat is very picky with what she will wear, but also walk in. She loves both of these though! The bat is incredibly cute, and she loves running around with the wings on. The vampire costume is also adorable. She will only wear the hat for a minute, but again she loves the cape! Caitlyn Whitley / Amazon

Buy the 3-piece Halloween costume set HERE

11. Turn your pet into a Toy Story character and the most stylish pet in town in this smart Woody suit. Whether it’s Halloween, a themed party, a special Instagram photo shoot, or just a neighborhood walk, your doggo will get tons of compliments (and probably some treats too) wherever it goes.

This lovely costume includes a shirt with an attached vest, a bandana, and a hat. The hat has an elastic strap, making it easy to fit and comfortable for pets to wear. The good-quality and durable fabric ensure that your pet can wear it for many years to come.

Satisfied buyer’s review:

  • My dog looked so cute! I love how they packaged the product. It made it feel as if you bought it from a Disney store! I’m in love with this outfit and am glad I was able to find his true size. I got an XXXL which fit him, loose and comfortable. Alison / Amazon

Buy the Woody costume HERE

Does your pet like playing dress-up? What kind of costume are you planning to get for your furry companion this year?

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