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8 Facts That Can Help You Like a Life Jacket in a Critical Situation

Though humans are at the peak of evolution, their bodies are still quite fragile. Forces of nature, other living organisms, and our own mistakes can all ruin our lives in an instant. But the good news is that the most critical situations are solvable if you act correctly. And today, we’re going to find out just what we need to do if an emergency occurs.

Bright Side hopes that you’ll never find yourself in a life-threatening situation, but if you do, we’ve collected a list of facts that could end up helping you one day.

Saving yourself from a swarm of wasps

In cases where the wasps or bees aren’t aggressive, you’re best off not making any sharp movements and should walk away slowly. But if you suddenly disturb the wasps’ nest or a beehive, don’t fight back — it will make them even angrier. Run into a nearby building and close the doors. If there is no building around, your best option will be to run away from them in a straight line, as far as possible. They’re incredibly fast but can’t fly far from their home and it will make them stop chasing you. Also, don’t run into any water: insects are not stupid and will wait until you come up to the surface.

Staying safe in a tornado

Tornadoes (or whirlwinds) are always in motion. If it looks like it’s not moving, it means it’s coming toward you. If a tornado is moving away from you, it will gradually decrease in size. It’s better to hide in a space without windows — a basement is your best option. If there are no buildings nearby but you have a car, you can try driving away from the tornado. A car is faster than a whirlwind but using it should be the last option because the tornado can unexpectedly change its trajectory.

An emergency in a crowded place

Whether you’re in a theatre, a club, or a concert, make sure to look around and find the nearest emergency exit when entering the building. In the case of an emergency, the crowd will run to the main door, which will create a jam. It will be much easier to go out of the emergency exit.

Trying to rescue a drowning person

There are cases where people have drowned while trying to save someone else. A drowning person instinctively will try to use your body in order to restore their breath, not thinking about the fact that they might deprive you of breathing. A well-trained and well-equipped lifeguard is required to rescue such people. If there’s no one else around who can help except for you, and you feel confident in your skills, make sure to take a stick or another object that you’ll be able to stretch out to the drowning person.

Water squeezed from moss

If you are lost in the forest and have no water, then the safest and cleanest option is to use the water squeezed out of Sphagnum moss. Of course, this water will be dirty and it’s better to boil it, but this is much better than drinking water from a pond or a puddle.

An attack from a criminal

If an attacker is making you go with him somewhere, don’t do it under any circumstances. Act as loud as you can so that people will pay attention to you.

When you stop sweating in the heat

At first, you’ll be sweating heavily and will feel very thirsty. If you have these symptoms but continue to stay in the sun, you’ll soon stop sweating. If this happens, it means you’re having a heat stroke. You should instantly seek help. A heat stroke can lead to irreversible brain damage without proper treatment. You need to try to cool down your body and drink more water before the ambulance arrives.

Things that come in handy while hiking

Of course, we all know that we should take matches, a knife, water, and more with us on a hike. But there are other things that no one thinks about that come in handy, and they don’t take up much space.

  • A whistle: If someone gets lost, it will be much easier and louder to give a signal with the help of a whistle. The best option is to give the whistle to a kid.
  • A Band-Aid or a patch: Calluses can ruin your hopes for surviving if you don’t treat them on time. The pain that they give can exhaust even the most endurant, athletic person.
  • Tampons: You might need them if you need to light a fire after the rain. Tampons are highly flammable, burn well, and are usually sold in plastic bags that protect them from moisture.

Have you ever been in an emergency situation? What other useful tips can you recommend to our readers?

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