15+ Moving Photos Showing Animals Who Won a Ticket to a Happier Life

When we are thinking about getting a pet, we usually think about what breed it will be. But then we accidentally see a wet ball of fur in the street and we just can’t walk past it. We catch their unhappy look for a moment and it steals our hearts forever. And this is how we got that stray cat or dog that lives with us and loves us.

We at Bright Side are convinced that every cat and dog should have its own loving human and we are very happy that the guys from this compilation are in a better place.

“I adopted the saddest looking cat at the shelter 3 years ago.”

“The neighbors left and abandoned her. I was away for 2 months and when I came back, she could barely walk. Her name is Dusha.”

“I found her on the street when she was a 3-week-old kitten. The tip of her tail was broken and she had a scratch on her face. I wanted to give her away, but she stayed with us. I love her with all my heart.”

“This ’aggressive’ dog who was days from euthanasia is now the light of my life.”

“Ran in front of my sister’s car and wouldn’t move until she picked him up. 2 years later and he’s become a giant cat.”

“Found this pup for sale, tied by her neck to the back of a truck at a gas station. We paid half price and took her home.”

From a suffering abandoned dog to our beloved good girl

“My girl, Texas, the day I adopted her vs today. She is a very strong bird. You guys might say that I saved her, but the truth is that she was the one who saved me.”

“After being abused by previous owners, repeatedly returned to the shelter, and waiting 6 months for a home, today marks Khally’s third year with me!”

“On a rainy day in the fall, this wet freezing girl ran toward my feet and hugged me. My heart sank and now belongs to her.”

“Left — before adoption. Right — a happy, healthy pup in his forever home!”

“He crawled on the road right under the wheels of a car. While we were treating him, we fell in love and never gave him away.”

“Misty found herself homeless at 8 years old and was the saddest dog at the shelter. She has gone from 46 pounds and timid, to a happy and healthy 65 pounds! She just needed love.”

This is Ellie. In January, she almost froze on the side of the road. But now she’s doing fine!

“My brother took in this ’vicious’ Doberman that couldn’t ’get along with people.’”

The power of 30 days of love

“This is my best friend Ryker.”

“9 months ago, this fluffy boy was living on the streets in Florida before being brought to a rescue where no one wanted him. Now he is living his best life with so much love surrounding him.”

“Top: At the shelter, too scared to come up to anyone

Bottom: Adopted and always wants to be near mom”

Do you have a pet that you didn’t plan to get, but that you found and fell in love with? Share your stories in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Olga Gorencova / Facebook
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