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15+ Baby Pets Who Grew Into Huge Bundles of Joy

Streets and shelters get new stray animals every day. But some of these animals hit a lucky strike and end up getting a home and a pair of caring arms from their 2-legged owners.

We at Bright Side will never stop believing that there are many kind people out there and that each fluffy creature has a chance to find a home and a loving owner. The bonus section will tell you the story of this article’s author, who also got a fluff-ball for their family.

“Sad shaking skeleton man to still-growing 6-month-old pup.”

“My baby boy is all grown up! Pictures are a year apart, Edwin is a Malamute Husky mix.”

“My girlfriend and her Fritz, 20 years apart!”

“Our little Oona. When we rescued her and two years later.”

“She was terrified of everything and everyone. Nine months later and she is the happiest and most confident pup I know!”

“The left pic shows the first day I adopted this abandoned kitty, the right one — 48 days later.”

“1 year later, from being abandoned in a park in Georgia to becoming my absolute best friend.”

“First pic is the day we rescued her from a dumpster! 2nd is a month later enjoying her new life.”

“A full year of having Millie in my life. A street dog that stole my heart.”

“Almost the one-year anniversary of this guy getting dumped in my neighborhood and me getting him adopted.”

“My husband thought that was the ugliest dog he had ever seen.”

“She was hungry, timid, and pregnant when I rescued her, we raised her babies and now she gets to be my baby.”

“I’ve been living with this guy for a year. His ribs were pretty prominent when he first arrived but he’s been staying at a perfect 60 pounds.”

“After 6 months with us.”

“Tony from when we adopted him almost six years ago to the little old man he is now.”

“She turned out to be breedless and couldn’t lick — we had to feed her with a dropper. Later we found out this kitty is half-Persian.”

“On the 8th year of living with her, I am no longer surprised to see her fur everywhere, even on freshly-bought cakes.”

“On the left is the day I got Bodie from the shelter exactly 5 years ago. The right one is now!”

“After 3 ½ years, my stray rescue finally trusts me enough to sleep on my lap.”

“June 2017. At the shelter. To less than a year ago. It’s my favorite photo of him. He has Uveodermatologic Syndrome.”

Uveodermatologic Syndrome is a rare dog disease that manifests in lesions on the skin, eyes, and hair.
— A note from Bright Side

Bonus from the author

  • This girl was dumped by her owners twice. My sister found her in the furthest corner in a shelter. She was all dirty and lying in a skinny ball, trembling from fear.
    When we brought her home and washed her, she was scared to walk into the apartment — she kept sitting in the corridor. Within 2.5 years, Sadie grew into a fluffy and fit dog who lives surrounded by love and care. She eats well and always races with our cats and toy terrier.

What was your pet like when you adopted it?

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Please note: This article was updated in August 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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