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16 Animal Photos That Are More Soothing Than Any Anti-Stress Pill

It’s scientifically proven that cute animals can save your love life. And we believe that this can also work with stress. Judge for yourself: a surprised raccoon, a shy squirrel, a happy duck... all of them can make you smile. And a smile, in turn, reduces stress. So this is our theory and we need your help to check it.

Bright Side found animal pics that are so lovely they won’t leave you indifferent. Let’s smile and drive all that stress away.

1. Sweet dreams for sweet babies

2. “I can smell the breeze.”

3. Rescued fluffy says, “Thank you!”

4. Rain changes everyone.

5. “This photoshoot is for me.”

6. 2-headed kitten

7. These eyes will steal your heart forever.

8. “Hey! Wanna play?”

9. The best position to sleep

10. Even geckos can smile.

11. “Wow, these crepes are the real jam.”

12. “My neighbor’s dog, peeking through the fence to say hello”

13. “I have long-long paws”

14. “Wudan loves her big brother so much, that she still thinks she is small enough to sleep on his back.”

15. Yoga time

16. “Can I have some more almonds, please?”

How do you feel now? Do you have any photos to add to our compilation? We’re waiting for you in the comments.

Preview photo credit unknown / Imgur
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