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17 Pets Who Found Their Own Way to Say “I Love You Human”

There are a million ways we can show our love to somebody, including saying it out loud. Pets can’t speak, but they’ve developed their own language to let us know how they love and need us. Our cats and dogs fall asleep snuggling in our arms, they wake us up in the morning with their cuddles and kisses, and they look at us with eyes that tell us we are their whole world.

Here at Bright Side, we found 17 Reddit users who took sweet photos of their pets showing their love and affection, and here they are!

1. “My wife is 3 weeks away from her due date and our cats love snuggling her belly.”

2. “Our other cat is snugging my wife’s pregnant belly. He had been rubbing his face on her belly all evening.”

3. “This is how my wife and our cat sleep every night...”

4. “This is what my brother’s dog did when I was going home.”

5. “This is how my cat sleeps on me. I found her 2 weeks ago.”

6. “I just picked up my dog after he had a sleepover at a friend’s house. I think he missed me.”

7. “Me and my baby boy on the first night we ever met, and now 12 years later. I haven’t missed a single night snuggling to sleep with him while at home.”

8. “So I got one of those Oodie things and, apparently, my dog assumes this is how we wear it.”

9. “I wasn’t petting him, so he’s hugging my arm.”

10. “The way my puppy looks at me as soon as I wake up makes my heart melt.”

11. “We adopted this cute boy and for the past couple weeks he has been SUPER shy. Today, for the first time, he plopped in my lap and did this.”

12. “Whenever I read something in the couch, I forfeit the ownership of my right arm.”

13. “I love when my foster kittens finally feel safe enough to fall asleep in my arms.”

14. “This is what I wake up to every morning.”

15. “My parent’s cat, Ted, is having a cuddly sleep on my Dad.”

16. “This is Spark. Every time I lay on my back, he sits on my chest.”

17. “Find somebody who looks at you the way my dog looks at me.”

Do you have a pet? How do they show you that they love you? If you have a picture of your pet showing you their love, we’d be happy to find it in the comments!

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