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18 Photos That Prove Cats and Dogs Have Their Own Kind of Relationships

Cats and dogs have never been believed to be best friends — perhaps that was nature’s initial plan. However, modern life has made its corrections and these animals managed to develop their own love-like relationships. The only thing that differentiates them from us is that they oftentimes interpret the concept of “love” differently.

We at Bright Side found a bunch of cats and dogs whose relationships sway somewhere between love, support, and respect.

“I’ll be there for you cause you’re there for me too.”

“My cat has already had enough of his new little sister.”

High five!

“My dog being a surrogate dad for foster kitties”

One of these is not like the other...

“Is it okay that I’m occupying your box?”

“They almost look guilty that I caught them hanging out.”

“All their afternoon naps are the cutest thing ever.”

“Neither of them looks happy, but neither of them was forced to sit together.”

A very possessive cat

“I’m gonna tell you something very important.”

Here’s one for you...

The bond

“I love my little kitty brother.”

A supportive embrace

“Our year-and-a-half-old cat teaching our 5-month-old Golden Retriever the right way to monitor our streets from the window”

“These 2 are starting to get more snuggly.”

This dog has a lot of love to give.

Have you ever been a happy owner of a cat and a dog at the same time? Did they get along well? Please share their photos with us!

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