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18 Pics That Prove Dads and Pets Have the Strongest Bond

According to American research, pets can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, raise blood oxytocin levels, and, in some cases, may even reduce direct pain. And while we usually believe that kids and pets have an unbreakable connection, we tend to forget the incredible amount of love and affection between dads and the “family pet.”

We at Bright Side are surprised by the bond that pets and dads are able to create. For that reason, we have gathered a collection of pics that will definitely warm your heart.

1. “My dad fixing my car with a little helper”

2. Look who decided to switch beds with his cat.

3. “I will NOT be raising that dog.”

4. “He has daily ’daddy/daughter time,’ which includes about 5 minutes of him holding her to watch the birds on the feeders.”

5. “Awww, she keeps crying, can’t she just sleep with us?”

6. “I introduced my dad and dog to Game of Thrones. They’re on season 3.”

7. “Their first reunion after 6 months”

8. “Dad: ’Look, I’m teaching her high-five!’”

9. “My dad takes Yuki sailing and talks to her wherever they go.”

10. “My dad, who didn’t want a horse, suggested picnicking with him. He brought lunch for my horse too.”

11. “My dad never wanted a cat, and look at him now.”

12. “He’s only going to be in the way, I’ll step on him.”

13. “My dad, who hates cats, built bunkbeds for my boys.”

14. “Get these puppies out of my house.”

15. “In 7 months, we’ve progressed from ’We’re not getting a dog, period,’ to this.”

16. “Dad with his 3 kittens.”

17. “He brings him luck.”

18. “One of my dogs hugging my dad in the morning”

Do you have a picture that shows the bond between dads and pets? Please share the photos with us in the comments!

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