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20 Adorable Times Animals Tried to Get Along Together

We all create bonds of mutual affection, and so do animals. Studies show that friendship is not an exclusively human characteristic, as animals are also capable of making friends. Sometimes their interactions are truly charming and they can even turn into unexpected companionships, like a dog and a fawn or a cat and some baby goats.

We at Bright Side adore all different types of animals, so we want to share a collection of picture-perfect moments with you of when some sweet creatures tried to spend time together.

1. “I’ve never seen my husky as happy as when he gets to say hi to our kitty.”

2. Stay still, doggo! Human is taking a picture of us.

3. We kinda look alike. Let me give you a kiss!

4. “Have I seen the cat? Nope, haven’t seen her anywhere.”

5. Yep, your nose is wet and cold, just like mine!

6. When you need a dentist appointment:

7. This kitty loves the company of some baby goats.

8. Conquer games

9. Some friendships are truly unique.

10. Kitty needs a massage.

11. When mum says to play nice, but you’re a rebel soul:

12. Yep, kitty tastes yummy!

13. “Winston loves the foster kitty.”

14. My brother is such a good leg rest.

15. This dog found out who the morning alarm was.

16. Your new king is speaking!

17. You’re swimming again without me!?

18. It’s ok, I’m not hungry yet!

19. “My brother? No, haven’t seen him anywhere!”

20. Little buddies

Do you know of other examples of animals that became best buds? Are you a happy owner of pets that have managed to get along? We’d love to see your stories and photos in the comment section!

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