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20+ Cats That Found the Perfect Place to Chill, and You Couldn’t Convince Them Otherwise

It’s hardly a secret that cats love making those weird corners and tight spaces around the house their favorite chilling spots, even if they can hardly fit. We don’t know how they do it, but they fit right in, and they can even take long naps there. We can only wish to be as flexible as they are one day. But since we can’t, in the meantime, a few good pics of these contortionist kittens will do. Reddit users who are always ahead of the curve have started an “If I fits, I sits” thread with examples of this aforementioned kitty flexibility.

Bright Side put together a small compilation with some of the best unlikely places that you can find your cat taking a nap or just chilling in, waiting for the next bird or butterfly to play with. Clearly, these aren’t the most comfortable places, but hey, we’re up for giving it a try...

1. “She’s an odd ball of fluff!”

2. “Bought a water gun to annoy my girlfriend with. Cat found a new favorite spot.”

3. “A perfect cat performs a perfect circle...”

4. “Any time I put on a pair of shoes, he moves in to take their place.”

5. “She claimed this box and it’s the perfect fit for her.”

6. “This is more comfortable than you think...”

7. “My kitten fits perfectly in the napkin holder.”

8. “Double fit, double sit!”

9. “This is my favorite position, so what?”

10. “She fits perfectly in this box.”

11. “My boyfriend put popcorn in the microwave, readied a bowl on the counter, and came back to this.”

12. “If I fits, I sits.”

13. “I can’t leave an instrument case open for any amount of time without her doing this. My mandolin case happens to be just the right size for her.”

14. “Not what I expected to see when I turned the light on!”

15. “Who dares disturb my slumber?”

16. “Ted found a purr-fect hiding spot!”

17. “Couscous found a shelf just her size.”

18. “She has 4 beds but will ditch all of them for this trash can lid.”

19. “Packing essentials”

20. “Are you trying to tell me that I don’t fits?!”

21. “She thinks the window sill is ’hers.’”

22. “Shoebox on the kitchen table = new bed”

23. “If I fits, I sleeps in slipps.”

What strange or unexpected places do your cats prefer to “fits in?” Do your other pets also have favorite places to sleep? Let us know in the comments!

Preview photo credit MooneyOne / Reddit
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