20 Overgrown Pets Who Have No Idea How Big They Are

Pet owners know that no matter how old your pet gets, or how big, they will always stay little adorable babies in your eyes. We’re convinced that some animals think they’re still babies themselves and they, just like humans, refuse to accept that they’re old. And nothing is funnier or sweeter than seeing a massive dog sitting in its owner’s lap like a little puppy!

Bright Side loves big and small animals alike, but there is something very special about these gentle giants, so we wanted to share 20 of them with you!

1. “He won’t stop growing — send help!”

2. “Once a lap dog, always a lap dog.”

3. “Can I have some coffee please?”

4. “Big boy Aragon and my dad!”

5. “My 80-pound malamute still likes to be held as well.”

6. Samson and a regular-sized cat for reference.

7. “She firmly believes she’s a lap dog...”

8. “My dad and his Maine Coon, Buba!”

9. “This is Maynard. He is my best friend.”

10. “My buddy’s cat is almost as tall as he is. Reddit, meet Zach and Marty.”

11. “Human, this couch is a little small.”

12. “He decided that he identifies as a lap dog.”

13. “Saw a gentle giant at the vet! She was a darling and sat down with her owner while they waited.”

14. “In honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day, meet our 130-pound lap dog.”

15. “My dad and my dog (dad is 6’2”)"

16. He just wants some cuddles.

17. This dog looks like it’s starting to realize it might not be a lap dog anymore.

18. “Me and my bestie”

19. “My dog thinks he’s a lap dog when my grandma stops by.”

20. “Meet Carl, the 150 pound Lion/Good Boy hybrid!”

Do you have any big pets? Share their pictures with us so we can all bask in their might and glory together!

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