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24 Pictures of Corgis That Will Bring a Smile to Anyone’s Face

If you ever thought to yourself that corgis are pretty magical, you were not far off. "Corgi" literally means "dog of dwarfs" and in old English legends fairies would ride them into battle. Today, they are known to have an absolutely magical ability to make us laugh.

We at Bright Side love all animals, but after making this list we know for sure why corgis are the Queen's favorite dogs.

When you're out for a long drive and then realize you're a dog.

This pup is happy to be outside.

When this little corgi is sad, so is the floor.

Went to a corgi meet up this weekend. The other corgis are all looking at the ball. My dog, on the other hand, is derping really hard.

A man and his Corgi

Corgi down!

Can't stop staring at her babies

When you find out you're going to the vet:

High 5!

You want me to do what??

Corgis aren't made for jogging.

Baby Donut sleeping is the most precious thing ever.

Harvested this giant zucchini, frightened corgis for scale

He got stuck.

Cuddling his copy

Ridiculously photogenic corgi

I'm a bunny!

Yearning for freedom


Corgi with a new cut at the groomers

Terrifying sheep!

Corgi posing as a flower pot

My corgi is ready to herd.

McGuffin goes to the vet

Which one of those could've melted even a frozen heart in your opinion? And what are your favorite dogs? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit noonelikesmeg/reddit, fab1000/reddit
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