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A Woman Soothes Rescued Animals by Singing to Them and They Melt in Her Arms

The Vale da Rainha Sanctuary, one of the safest places for animals on the planet, is located in Brazil and run by kind-hearted and generous people. The organization’s mission is to “rescue animals and bring consciousness to human animals.” Patricia Favano, the sanctuary’s spiritual leader, helps the animals heal through song and kindness, and their response is beyond incredible.

The Sanctuary’s Instagram is food for any soul, and we at Bright Side believe that every person needs to see how loving and grateful these animals truly are.

They give each animal all the attention they need to feel safe.

Rescue animals are fragile, which is why everyone at the Sanctuary focuses on pouring all their warmth and love into them. It’s heartbreaking to realize how much many of these creatures have gone through, but the volunteers believe our feelings are irrelevant and the most important thing is to be positive and open with every animal.

As Patricia explains: “We are here to alleviate our brothers’ suffering, whoever he may be. May we stand to know the suffering of others so we can actively help them to overcome their pain.”

Patricia’s singing is the best remedy for all of these creatures.

One of the most effective ways to connect and heal animals is through singing, as they discovered at the Sanctuary. The animals transform before our very eyes whenever Patricia sings to them and they savor every second.

But Patricia doesn’t just sing, her other favorite thing to do with the animals is meditate and provide much needed physical touch. Some animals just want as many cuddles as they can get, like the playful cow in the video below.

Every single animal is capable of love and affection.

Most people think that only dogs or cats can get attached to their owners, when in reality all living things can feel and give love. The Sanctuary is home to many different animals and each of them is just as sweet as a puppy.

Seeing cows, horses, and many other animals connect with Patricia makes us look at them differently and fills our hearts with joy.

How did these photos make you feel? Would you ever want to visit the Sanctuary yourself?

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