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Animals and Humans Create a Lifelong Bond: 19 Examples

Even though love isn’t a scientifically proven reason for animal-human friendship, we believe this is what makes this connection so special. After all, as soon as our fluffies win our hearts, we can’t part with them for years. And seeing the changes that happen with time makes these “pawsome” relationships even more impressive.

We at Bright Side admire how strong the bond between humans and their lovely animals can be. It almost seems as if they’d spend eternity next to each other.

1. “My best friend has survived cancer twice and made it to 15 years old this week.”

2. “Pictures of my cat and me, 10 years apart”

3. The most important graduation guest

4. “8 years later...”

5. “Patches has been with me for 20 years, long enough to see me grow up and move on to veterinary school!!”

6. “My big man and me, 10.5 years apart”

7. “This is my first and best friend, Ramona, and me, 16 years apart. We grew up together.”

8. “14 years later and we’re still inseparable, even though I’m a grown up and he’s slowing down.”

9. “16 years later and only the couch remains unchanged.”

10. “These photos were taken 15 years apart and we still got it!”

11. “Coconut and me, 11 years apart — best dog to grow up with!”

12. “On the first night we ever met and now, 12 years later. Haven’t missed a single night snuggling to sleep with him.”

13. “This is my dog and me, exactly 10 years apart.”

14. “We’ve been together for half of my life so far!”

15. “12 years later and I still love the little guy.”

16. “K.C.’s eighteenth birthday is today. Here’s us growing up together.”

17. “11 years makes a big difference!”

18. “My girlfriend and her Fritz, 20 years apart!”

19. Having fun through the years

Do you have a fluffy friend that’s been with you for a long time? What’s their name? Go ahead and share your photos together in the comments.

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