14 X-Rays That Show the Hidden Parts of Our Lives

X-rays are not just a necessary tool for doctors, but also a portal into an amazing and unknown world that can amaze even the most experienced people. We’ve seen all kinds of things thanks to Google, Instagram, and other social media, but nothing can offer as much fun as X-ray shots of people and animals.

Internet users share photos that we at Bright Side saw and instantly wanted to share with you.

Dental 3D X-ray on a child whose teeth haven’t grown in yet

Another example: The molar is starting to show.

Tiger paw

A flamingo X-ray

Screech owl

Winnie Jungbluth, a 5-year-old turtle: “She’s exhibiting nesting behavior but hasn’t laid any eggs and we are worried about her.”

“This X-ray of my hedgehog”

“An x-ray of a bunion on my left foot”

Arteries of the brain

Tokay gecko X-ray

Snake X-ray

“I have 6 toes on my left foot (known as hexadactyly). Here’s the X-ray.”

When you accidentally X-ray Anubis:

“My X-rays before braces in August 2018 to now August 2020”

What would you like to see in an x-ray?

Preview photo credit Strictlyforbargain85 / Reddit
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