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15+ People Whose Luck Seems to Have Disappeared Into Thin Air

As much as we dislike bad days, we can choose to view them as a blessing rather than a curse. Because without them, we wouldn’t be able to really understand the value of a good thing when it happens to us. After all, life is full of ups and downs, and accepting an unfortunate event instead of letting it ruin our day can make our life much easier.

1. ’’Every morning, I wake up cold. Every morning, my cat’s hogging the furnace vent.’’

2. ’’I’m a plumber. I don’t even want to mention what’s on my face right now...’’

3. ’’My cousin’s legs after a day in the sun in ripped jeans.’’

4. ’’My laptop was run over by an airport baggage cart.’’

5. ’’The pictures on the booking website never showed the toilet and the bed in the same picture.’’

6. ’’I came back from vacation to find my second phone like this.’’

7. ’’This morning, a bat crashed into my face and fell into my breakfast. He seemed fine...’’

8. ’’My eyeliner was on point this morning... and then I sneezed.’’

9. ’’I was walking to work in my brand-new shoes when suddenly a piece of ice broke and sucked my leg knee-deep into a fowl-smelling pit of mud.’’

10. ’’I carved a pumpkin for the first time in my life.’’

11. ’’New toilet paper roll bounced elegantly into the toilet.’’

12. ’’My 8-year-old remembered to take the foil flavor packet out! She forgot to add water...’’

13. ’’I was cleaning my glasses and then...’’

14. ’’A watermelon that was just bought yesterday exploded and spewed putrid-smelling juices all over the counter and floor.’’

15. ’’I wore a water-resistant watch into the shower...’’

16. ’’My mom borrowed my gaming mouse because she lost hers. This is how she returned it.’’

Have any of these situations ever happened to you? How do you react when faced with an unfortunate event?

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