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15 Photos That Show When You Take Care of Things, They Last

Be it your mother’s wedding dress or your dad’s old Game Boy, when you treasure old things, they remain untouched by time. Time may be powerful, but as it turns out, love has the strength to hold things together for decades.

Bright Side believes proper care can do wonders and would like to share 15 photos with our readers that prove it.

1. “1991 to 2021, back at the house I grew up in”

2. “I found this vintage copper tray while bottle digging and restored it.”

3. “I got married wearing my (now deceased) mom’s wedding dress from 1978.”

4. “Found this at my girlfriend’s dad’s house, a 1987 Panasonic VHS player in mint condition.”

5. “Before and after one month of adoption and unlimited love”

6. “My dad’s ham radio setup he’s had/built on since like the ’50s/’60s. It all still works.”

7. “My grandmother’s opal inlay opera glasses”

8. “My mom made this coat for herself in 1973. Now her 22-year-old granddaughter is rocking it!”

9. “My dad’s old Game Boy from 1990 — the box is in such good condition it could have been bought yesterday!”

10. “My son wearing a 30-year-old T-shirt with my picture from preschool when I was his age.”

11. “We bought a house that the original owners had since the ’60s. Found these crazy lawn chairs that are in AMAZING shape!”

12. “The wife cleaned this early ’80s wood stove humidifier that we got for $20 at the flea market. The mist comes out of his nose!”

13. “Maternal grandparents (left to right, top to bottom): 1942, age 22; 1965, age 45; 2002, age 82; 2005, age 85”

14. “My grandmother handed me down this outfit. Vintage YSL, gold toe limited additions. Hopefully, I can get more of her vintage 1970s outfits.”

15. “Restored some 1930s parquet flooring”

What are some of the oldest things you cherish? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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