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15 Situations When the Level of Self-Irony Surpassed All Possible Limits

Having the ability to laugh at yourself is a true talent that can come in handy at all times. People who can sincerely smile at their own mistakes are able to send out positive vibes around them and “infect” others with such an attitude.

Here at Bright Side, we appreciate people who have a healthy sense of humor. And the charming characters of today’s compilation certainly don’t need to borrow self-irony from anybody else.


2. The employees of this bookstore are full of controversy.

“Best things in life are free. Cost — €16.99 ($20)”

3. “I took school dances a little too seriously.”


5. When the store has exactly what you need:

6. “My fortune just laughed at me.”

“Apparently, you miss 100% of the shots you do take too.”

7. When you want to be on par with the iron horses:


9. “Always give 100% at work.”

10. Yes, you need to match your ad.

“Careful movers”

11. “In 1987, I got a mullet haircut to look more like Patrick Swayze.”

12. “Every time my wife sees this photo, she bursts out laughing. I thought I looked cool.”


14. The manufacturers of these socks know everything without you.

15. This is what it means not to follow your own advice.

Can you easily laugh at yourself?

Preview photo credit VVU96 / twitter