16 People That Did a Great Job and Finally Washed Something That Really Needed It

Many people don’t like cleaning and we understand them. The entire process takes a lot of time and effort. But the result always makes you feel good. And when it’s really impressive, why not share the photos online?

We at Bright Side want to confess: we don’t love cleaning. But when we look at a clean room or a thing that was cleaned well, we feel good.

“Tried the squeegee trick for cat hair! Before this, the vacuum got it kinda clean, but after this + the vacuum it’s like a whole new rug!”

“We’ve lived here for 15 years and we never touched these steps...”

Before-and-after the cleaning of a 300-year-old silver-inlaid sword pommel

Cleaning wood after one year of being exposed to the elements

“This vase was floating in my pond”

“Before and after I cleaned some shells I had lying around”

“Picked this beauty up off the curb. I need to get a good sealant on it to keep it looking bright.”

“My tenants moved out. I guess they never cleaned their shower.”

“Cleaned up one of today’s flea market finds.”

“This is the before and after of a grill in a fast food place. We do this every 24 hours.”

“Before and after we cleaned the mold around our windows”

“Finally cleaned my tank!”

Parents: “Come help us clean the house.” Me: “I’m busy.” Parents: “You get to power wash.” Me: “Be right over.”

“Many hours of scrubbing, scraping, mold killing, and polishing later, I’m very proud of my first real antique.”

“Currently working on my fence. No filter. Just pressure!”

“I think I got pretty good results after cleaning this oven that had never been cleaned in 7+ years.”

Do you like cleaning? Or is the result the only thing good about cleaning?

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Preview photo credit queenkronen / Reddit
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