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16 Photos That Perfectly Show What Progress Looks Like

Nearly everyone can brag about an achievement. Some people learn to bake such amazing cakes that it’s a shame to eat them, while others show off their incredible drawing skills. All these people have one thing in common: they want to get better at something. And in order to make the result even more obvious, all they have to do is take 2 photos and compare them.

We at Bright Side have made a compilation of photos showing obvious progress.

“My first-ever crazy candy cake vs one of my latest ones”

“Before and after processing the Andromeda Galaxy from my backyard”

“The image is processed to remove light pollution, color balance, and boost faint details. Nothing artificial is added. You could literally input the before picture into nearly any image editor and arrive at the second image. The trick is that the first image is absolutely massive, nearly half a gig large and full of faint details.”

“The first macrame owl I made vs my most recent one”

“6 months after my double jaw surgery”

“My first ever attempt at making pain au chocolat a year ago vs now”

“They told us it might be cancer, but we adopted her anyway. Turns out she was just stressed out!”

“Before and after I cleaned my backyard”

“Before and after the surgery — I’ve never felt better in my life.”

“Changed my career 1 year ago to make cookies for a living. Here are the photos at the beginning and now.”

The first hard disk from 1965 compared to some modern ones

“I tried really hard. It didn’t deserve to be thrown away!”

“Some of my babies before and after a good soak”

“I compared my art progress from the last 10 years!”

“I’ve never had a restoration as rusty as this one turn out this good.”

“18 months apart”

A hair dryer in 1958 and in 2019

Can you tell us about something you’ve had considerable progress in?

Preview photo credit pink-e*****y / Reddit
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