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17 Good Things From the ’90s We Still Love in 2020

It feels like the ’90s is not just a past era, but also a trend now. We love the creative hairstyles from that time, the high-waisted pants, the chokers, and the colorful sunglasses. And it’s a special feeling when you find and old Tetris game.

We at Bright Side have noticed how many things from the ’90s are back and would love to share with you some good vibes from that time.

1. Suddenly we realize that we look like our parents when they were young.

2. We still like 90s glam style.

3. We could rewatch Pretty Woman 100 times!

4. Chokers were so cool in the ’90s, so we brought them back.

5. We liked this movie then, we like this movie now.

6. And instant polaroid pictures are just so trendy nowadays.

7. No mobile apps can replace a PlayStation for us.

8. Being hip in 1992 looks too modern nowadays.

9. Old Barbie toys can still be used by our kids.

10. The taste of childhood. We still love it.

11. Friends episodes are timeless.

12. The ’90s inspires our cosplays.

13. These actors and their movies were so popular, and they still are.

14. We do love a ’90s dance party.

15. This hairstyle is back.

16. These things deserve to exist longer, so we keep them.

17. Old electronics still work and look so stylish.

Which trend from the ’90s would you like to bring back? Do you have any cool old photos of your parents from this decade? Please share them with us and leave your comments below!