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17 Photos With More Drama Than Any Diva

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, drama still finds us, whether it’s our pet chewing up our living room or finding out that the cake we ordered is a disaster. Although giving a pay-raise moment before someone makes a silly mistake is unfortunate, it does make a funny story to share with all of us because maybe we can relate.

Just in case you don’t have enough entrainment in your life, Bright Side is sharing some drama-fueled pics to help you through your day.

1. “I wish I was joking, but I had just given him a raise this morning....”

2. “My sister wanted a miniature version of her wedding cake for their anniversary... The picture of the wedding cake vs the ‘replica’ made by the bakery.”

3. “My cats discovering they’re no longer the babies.”

4. “My Pitbull (Judge Judy) right when she got busted...”

5. “A squirrel stole some poor kids lunch.”

6. “I dropped my frozen pizza and the cheese and pepperoni separated from the crust.”

7. How to pick what color to paint your house, UK style.

8. “My kid left a note for me in the fridge.”

The note says:
Be careful, I think the milk in the fridge went bad...

9. “Well, well, well....if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions!”

10. This man who dropped his cell.

11. “I moved out to a farm to get some privacy...”

12. “After going to bed once and brushing my teeth in the dark with Nair... this arrangement will not be remaining. It’s a trap!”

13. “Coming back to my desk, wondering where my pistachios went, nearly had a heart attack.”

14. “They ‘moved’ my bike to work on the street light.”

15. “The reason my assignments are always late.”

16. “On a train from Leicester to Birmingham and someone has just opened a Tupperware full of prawns before 10 a.m.”

17. “My 3 year old lost my wedding ring a good few months ago now and couldn’t remember where she put it....”

Where is the craziest place you’ve lost something? Who do you know that always attracts drama?

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