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18 Discoveries That Show Real Treasures Can Be Hidden in Plain Sight

You may probably feel extra lucky whenever you find a great deal at the supermarket and save a couple of bucks. But for some people, that’s not enough. They go further and dig in very specific places looking for a lost treasure, and many times they actually find it! We’ve made a list of 18 treasure hunters who shared pictures of their amazing discoveries.

1. “I spent $4.21 in total on these babies! Literally near perfect condition. Never even imagined getting them for below $200”

2. “Found this KidKraft retro kitchen at the local thrift for $12.99!”

3. “Decorative camel for $45. My pet Brad for scale”

4. “Paid $15 at Salvation Army for this vintage North Face”

5. “1970s hand chair”

6. “Found at the flea market. What looked fake is actually a 1980 Rolex! Here it is after returning from service at the watchmaker.”

  • No one is ever going to believe me. I paid less than $45. It cost me $300 to get it serviced and the case gasket replaced. Can be sold for approximately $5,000. © 3D****Goggles / Reddit

7. “Purchased it for $3 at an estate auction”

8. “I thrifted a tiny couch for my cats for $8.”

9. “Found a new toaster in a box at Goodwill for $6! Costs around $200 retail!”

10. “Thrifted this adorable vintage Thermos water cooler for less than $5!”

11. “Just burned all my luck for the year — snagged these night vision goggles for $70!”

12. “Found this reindeer stained glass lamp for 2$!”

13. “Can’t believe my luck... Found this free vintage record player from Craigslist!”

14. “Yesterday, I found a signed copy of The Killers: Hot Fuss for $2. One of my all-time favorite albums. My best find to date.”

15. “My weekend haul: nearly-new Vans in my size for $8.49 per pair”

16. “I was just searching rainbow nightlights for my daughter when I found this for $2.”

17. “Looney Tunes Polaroid camera for $75”

  • I worked at a place that resold Polaroids, and this one was priced at $300+. Good find in the wild!! © discoteen66 / Reddit

18. “14k and smoky topaz turtle brooch. Paid $30 at the flea market. A friend wanted it, and she offered $750 for it.”

What kind of buyer are you? What is the area in which you excel the most in getting deals?

Preview photo credit UrbanRelicHunter / Reddit
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