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18 Reddit Users Shared Items Everyone Needs to Have in Their Home

There are some objects that make our lives so easy, they become essentials in any home. But the funny thing is, the list of those objects varies from person to person. For some, it might be a very simple item, such as a water bottle, and for others, it may be a cool multitool key chain that has thousands of applications. Either way, these and other objects were mentioned when a Reddit user asked, “What’s an item everyone should have?”

And despite all the answers being hilarious, Bright Side took the time to compile some of the best (and most curious) objects that users thought were essential to have at home.

1. Multitool key chain

2. Scissors

3. Charging cables

4. Water Bottle

5. Can opener

6. Scarves

7. Freezer

8. Go-bag

9. Extinguishers

10. First Aid Kit

11. Socks

12. Toilet brush

13. A (proper) mattress

14. Toothbrush

15. A Dutch oven

16. A library card

17. An alarm clock

18. Someone to love!

Now it’s your turn to name some at-home must-haves! What do you think everyone should have in order to make their house a home? Why?

Preview photo credit ClintEastwoodSquint / Reddit