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20 Coincidences That Prove the Universe Wants to Amuse Us

Some people say the universe speaks to us through signs or coincidences. If that’s the case, the funny “accidents” we encounter may be its way of playing with us or spicing up our day with a chuckle. And thanks to the internet, we get front row seats to these surprise acts through pictures shared by people who were lucky enough to see the show.

Bright Side gathered 20 amusing coincidences, which seemed impossible — until they were captured in photos.

1. “My buddy was wearing the same shirt as a woman at the bar. Later on, he found another man wearing it too.”

2. This walrus that climbed on the walrus-class submarine of The Royal Netherlands Navy.

3. “2 people came into work today with the same tattoo as me, I had to take a picture.”

4. “One was in my jar at home, and one was from the cashier.”

5. “At 7-Eleven and the total is $7.11.”

6. “I got a pic of my boyfriend falling off a floaty, and just realized there was a guy falling off a boat at the same time.”

7. “My bro got a basketball stuck like this.”

8. “This number combination on the label of my plant.”

9. “Cracked one double yolker and thought ’Wow that’s cool!’ Cracked another and... it was also a double yolker.”

10. “I got the same fortune 2 times in a row.”

11. “I dropped a grape and it landed upright.”

12. “This tree fell on a fence and destroyed it, but perfectly replaced it.”

13. “What are the odds of throwing this paper airplane into an outlet?”

14. “After this lucky shot, we tried to recreate it, but it didn’t work.”

15. “This snake crawled out of my wife’s car during a random check at Customs.”

“It was the first time she got called in for a random check in 4 years.”

16. “I threw my pen at my friend’s board while he was about 2 meters away from me and it clipped onto it.”

17. “Mushrooms sprouted around the window in our fairy house! Now it’s super legit!”

18. “Accidentally deleted photos on my camera. Image recovery software resurrected a test shot taken by the ladies on the production line.”

19. “There’s a bathroom in my parent’s house that is lit by a single window. And this is what happens every day.”

20. “I found a diamond in my shoe while working out...”

  • “It’s definitely an earring. They seem to pierce shoes fairly easily in my experience.” — © mikanee / Reddit

Have you also seen any funny coincidences that are just too good to be kept to yourself? Share your story or photos with us in the comments.

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Preview photo credit Fassbenderr / Reddit
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