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20 Photos That Help Us Take a Glimpse at the World We Live in From a New Angle

Baby bears can dance in a circle and bees sleep in flowers with their families — these are just a few moments that can make your brain boil with excitement. There are so many things in the world that your school teachers and professors didn’t tell you about, and the universe still has many aces up its sleeve to wow us with.

We at Bright Side could hear the sound of our former knowledge crashing down when we looked at these photos. Brace yourselves for a huge pattern break.

1. Turns out, bees can sleep in one flower with their whole family.

2. This hummingbird could’ve been mistaken for a fly.

3. Ana Tsitsishvili creates pictures using different microbes, from staphylococcus to yeast. This is called agar art.

4. “This castle wall is gigantic. Here’s me for scale on the bottom right. This is the Königstein Fortress.”

5. “A tree growing out of the roots of an upside-down dead tree”

6. An owl made friends with each of the 30 cats in a Japanese cafe in Osaka.

7. “My friend took his pug to get an MRI.”

8. A Wilson’s bird of paradise is colored in such a way that it seems Photoshopped.

9. The chance of meeting a white bat is extremely small, but for those who are lucky, it’s the sweetest creature ever.

10. Little bears dancing in circle

11. The black skimmer mom defended her kid from getting bullied by other birds, and this is the baby’s reaction.

12. The Seymchan meteorite looks like a real gemstone.

13. “35 pounds of honey found in my cousin’s roof”

14. The bright yellow spots are human DNA under a microscope.

15. There’s a company that produces animal-free meat by 3-D printing food.

16. A photographer takes photos of kids all over the world with their toys. Here are some kids from Zanzibar.

17. A scientist tried ancient recipes.

18. Turns out, vultures have adorable pants.

19. These cakes are designed to represent beach views.

20. The rare phenomenon known as iridescent clouds

What’s a curious fact or photo that you’ve seen recently that made your brain explode like a bottle of Coke after being shaken?

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