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20+ Photos That Prove How Merciless Time Really Is

Time isn’t something we can touch, but we always feel its influence. Many things become much better with time, like good wine, but that isn’t always the case — sometimes things change completely! But either way, passing years leave undeniable imprints on everything.

Bright Side gathered 20+ photos that show the irreversible work of time.

1. Someone’s forgotten bicycle in The Netherlands

2. The echo of war

3. “The cat has been scratching the same leg of this bench for the past decade.”

4. It’s been 20 years.

5. Time has not been kind.

6. A ball that has been left in the forest for years

7. The 1901 marble stairs in Passage, Saint Petersburg, Russia

8. Grapes’ life cycle

9. An abandoned synagogue in Romania

10. These photos are a 1-year difference, but look how this little puppy has grown.

11. A cross between nature and civilization

12. The metal floor at an amusement park

13. This friendship isn’t getting old.

14. A statue in a forest in Russia

15. From a little birdie to a grown hunter

16. The sunken bell tower of Nikolsky Cathedral

17. The difference between these photos is 35 years.

18. It’s really hard to believe that there was once a railroad here.

19. On the left is a new handle and on the right is the identical handle that has been used for many years.

20. These stairs are more than 2,000 years old.

21. This swing has been used for many years. Time is merciless even to metal.

22. This road that usually has tons of traffic

23. These pictures show a span of many years. It’s impossible not to be sad while looking at these.

What photo pulled at your heartstrings the most? Share your photos and impressions in the comments.

Preview photo credit J0ND0E297 / Imgur
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