20 Pics That Will Bring Peace to Your Inner Perfectionist

Symmetry and order appeal to us so much that our brain sometimes makes up stuff to organize the chaos. That’s why we notice the slightest matching and mismatching in everything around us. The bumblebee that landed just right on a shoe to complete the pattern, a perfectly round snowman, or our neighbor accidentally copycatting us — the only common denominator here is an oddly satisfying aftertaste in our heart.

Bright Side collected 20 photos of things that are perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

1. “The bumblebee lined up perfectly with the stitches on my shoe.”

2. “I opened my can of soup and none of the soup stuck to the lid.”

3. “A double helix I made out of change...”

4. “This tulip with one half-yellow petal.”

5. “Our cat’s eyepatch almost perfectly fills in the part of the TV she is blocking.”

6. “My next-door neighbor (who I just met) is returning the same TV stand on the same day.”

7. “If you interweave post-it notes of 2 different colors together, you can get an ombre effect.”

8. “I made a very round snowman.”

9. “Bought 2 different sizes of shoes, but the boxes align perfectly with one another.”

10. “The way my weight scale perfectly fits into the tile.”

11. “The way this Philips hue tv lights up the wall next to it.”

12. “This red pear has a sliver of green skin on one side, which splits it in half.”

13. “This hair tie stuck in my shoe tread.”

14. “The water in this flower jar has stratified perfectly.”

15. “The signets at the park seemed to like being sat in a row.”

16. A half red/half pink rose

17. “I was tapping on the back window of my dad’s car and he noticed that the window was creating this pattern on my arm.”

18. “The paint scraped off this tetherball pole like grill marks on a hotdog.”

19. “The line between old and new skin is clearly visible on my pet lizard.”

20. “This soap bubble that landed on our couch from the kitchen.”

Which pic was the most satisfying for you? Do you have your own examples of things coming together perfectly? Share them in the comments!

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Preview photo credit Mysteriefreak / reddit
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