20+ Really Good Things That Just Needed a Good Wash

Some people, like Monica from Friends, love cleaning and others try to postpone it for as long as possible. Of course, the latter is not the best strategy, but at least it allows people to see the impressive results of their efforts.

In this new compilation, Bright Side decided to show these big and small victories over dirt and chaos.

1. “Before and after I cleaned a moldy leather purse”

2. Before and after cleaning a stained and yellowed vintage hand-crocheted nightgown

3. This shower is barely recognizable.

4. “Used a metal brush, then some dish soap and water with a scrub brush to clean these old wicker chairs.”

5. “Inspired to clean this embarrassingly dusty ceiling fan”

6. “A little bit of love (and about 1.5 cups of vinegar) goes a long way”

7. Walls want to be clean too.

8. “Couldn’t afford new shoes, so I scrubbed them.”

9. Cleaning a bathroom

10. Wow, what a difference!

11. An impressive result

12. “I’ve been using all of my free time to deep clean my car seats.”

13. “Cleaning contractor since 1988”

14. “I know I’ll have to wash it again soon, but this felt very cathartic.”

15. Yes, these are the same sneakers.

16. “Extremely satisfying before and after of my oven door, hope you enjoy it!”

17. “I haven’t washed it for a year.”

18. A new life for these vintage trays

19. “Power washed half the tennis court!”

20. “Like night and day, it had been nearly 10 years since my backyard was cleaned.”

21. A result you can be proud of

22. What an old Victorian dress looks like after washing

23. “I wanted my girlfriend’s boots to look better. The result exceeded my expectations”

Have you ever managed to clean something that was really dirty? Show your results in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit scdvintage / instagram
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