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20 Times People Found Unexpected Treasure Without Searching for It

You too have probably found things that had you laughing like a madman or trying to pick your jaw up off the floor at least once in your life — or maybe you’ve even experienced both at the same time. It could be a sweet family heirloom or the most bizarre architectural design choice — you never know what wonders await you around the corner of everyday life.

Bright Side collected 20 accidental discoveries that people made, and we want to share them with you. Plus, at the end of the article, you can find a person who made this their profession!

1. “The new house my parents bought has a secret room hidden under the stairs.”

2. “I found this 1937 Gibson. It traveled through Europe and is carved with all the different places and dates. It was a stunning find.”

3. “There are bins along cycle paths in the Netherlands that allow you to throw out garbage without slowing down.”

4. “In an abandoned building, I found an old copy of a French fashion magazine from 1904. These are the finalists in a beauty competition.”

5. “I found a 50-pence coin with Sherlock Holmes on it.”

6. “The Van Gogh-like patterns in this piece of oak wood”

7. Must be a huge teabag if you need a crane to dunk it.

8. “Found a random painting in the middle of the woods.”

9. “Doodles made in 1878 by my great-great-grandfather”

10. “This smiley face I saw when flying over Spain”

11. “The way the light hits makes the door handle look magical.”

12. “There’s a random box of about 300 issues of National Geographic from the mid-1950s in my neighborhood.”

13. “My son found this sea urchin fossil while we were walking our dogs. We were several miles from the sea.”

14. “An enamel pin with a functional whiteboard that looks like the Windows 95 version of Paint”

15. “The frosty spider webs on my mother’s garden ornaments are so pretty.”

16. “My mom’s cat looks like this cross-stitch her grandma made 50 years ago.”

17. “I moved last week and unearthed my great-grandmother’s (about 8 or 9 times) silver tankard from 1753.”

18. “Here’s Buzz saving his friend Woody.”

19. “This is a maple leaf ’stamp’ on a road in Filton, England. The Canadians are invading.”

20. “Found these 110-year-old Crayolas in the back of a family secretary desk. The pack still has the crayons.”

Bonus: “I went diving with my metal detector and was able to return multiple valuables to their owners, including a $5,000 wedding ring that was lost for almost 5 years!”

What unexpected treasures have you stumbled upon? Perhaps you have photos of these finds — share them with us!

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