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20 Times People Were Happily Surprised by a Designer’s Love and Care

A great design can change the world because a good product isn’t just something that works really well. Something as simple as a phone case for the best selfies with your dog or socks that point out the best parts of your foot to get a massage on are all beautiful because they’re truly designed with love.

And because we at Bright Side can’t let these amazing designs go unnoticed, we’d like to give their creators the recognition they deserve by presenting these 20 masterpieces to you. We hope you enjoy visiting design heaven just as much as we did.

1. The “one-a-day” banana pack, containing several bananas of different ripeness so that you can eat them over several days

2. This deck of cards has a blank one as a replacement if a card gets lost.

4. This is a silicone toy made by the Japanese to mimic the popping bubble wrap sensation.

5. “Olive oil in olive-shaped containers and vinegar in black olive-shaped ones”

6. A leaflet for a European election that contains carrot seeds in it to plant them — it reads: “Together, let’s spread hope.”

7. A pen that can’t be clipped onto a jacket when opened so that the ink won’t ever bleed and stain your clothes again

8. These screws came with a drill bit that fits them perfectly.

9. “My lint roller tells me how many pieces I have left so that I can remember to buy new ones before I run out.”

10. This has an Android and an iPhone charger in one.

11. “The way this sign gradually floats up on my espresso machine when the drip tray fills up”

12. A designer that actually took the time to make a very ordinary product incredibly special

13. This designer really understands our needs.

14. These sunglasses block out all screens.

15. The designer of this shower thought of a special nook that you can rest your foot on while you shave your legs.

16. Always lock in freshness and flavor!

17. This is the “back buddy posture corrector” to give you perfect posture all day long.

18. “I found these measuring spoons that are labeled in grandma terms!”

19. No more dropping, scratching, or misplacing your glasses!

20. Socks for a proper foot massage

Which of these must-haves did you wish you knew about before? What’s the best, most thoughtful product design you’ve ever seen?

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