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20+ Wonders of Nature That Can Send Chills Down Your Spine

How often do we see phenomena that we’re unable to explain? Nowadays, it becomes more and more difficult to surprise us with anything otherwordly but still, such cases exist and this compilation serves as proof.

We at Bright Side never cease to be amazed at the wonders nature creates and the people who manage to take photos of these unexplainable things.

“Guys, what on earth is this?!”

“Looks like a small cyanobacteria bloom. Toxic so please don’t mess around with that or allow pets near it.”

“Found these clear, tube-like jelly things on the beach near Oceanshore, WA. Looks like squid eggs.”

This 26-foot long-armed squid was found in November 2007 by an oil rig 200 miles off the coast Houston Texas.

“This is my 33-hour exposure of the Dolphin Nebula.”

“It ended up getting me shortlisted as the Astronomy Photographer of the Year!”

An extremely rare spherical cloud

“Extremely spherical rare cloud”

Nature always finds a way.

It looks like somebody threw a giant bed sheet over the houses.

“The rock formations on the Isle of Staffa blew my mind!”

Staffa means “pillar island” in the ancient Nord language of the Vikings.

“Got out of bed at 3:30 a.m. this morning to capture the first rays of sun together with the geyser, Strokkur, in Iceland.”

“Tiny skulls are left after my snapdragon flowers die.”

A tornado and a rainbow in the same shot

Lightning inside of a volcanic explosion — they’re called “dirty thunderstorms.”

The place in Iceland where green fields, a yellow river, Black Beach, and the blue sea meet

The river water is yellow because of sulfur.

An Icelandic ice cave

“A raindrop hit my camera while taking shots of a storm.”

Fireflies at nighttime in the woods not far from Nagano

Snow rolls formed by the wind

Surprises can await you, even in the middle of a field.

Clouds that look like an impressionist painting

Every summer in the Nevada desert, thousands of people meet up for Burning Man.

In a span of 9 days, they build and take down this entire city. It consists of performances, art, and countless other surreal structures.

Lenticular clouds that look like ice cream in a cone

What unusual wonders of nature have you come across?

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