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21 Times Old Clothes Were Turned Into Trendy Masterpieces

Throwing away old clothes is a thing of the past. Today, we’re all about reducing waste and getting creative to give a second life to those pieces of clothing that have been forgotten in the closet for years. And sure, they might not be fashionable anymore, but that doesn’t mean the fabrics aren’t still in good shape, so they can be reused. The result of this sustainable practice is unique and personalized clothes. Different designs, materials, and textures can be used to create something new. There are no limits to the creativity and skill a needle and thread can give you when you know you’re doing something good for the environment!

And to prove that reusing old clothes and turning them into original and fashionable garments is possible (and most of all, super fun), Bright Side made a small compilation of pictures that were shared online. Take a look at what we found and get inspired. And who knows, you might be part of one of our compilations in the future.

1. “Someone throwing out barely-worn shirts = my new master’s outfit”

2. “Upcycled Zara pants into my new favorite skirt!”

3. “Turned 3 old T-shirts into 1 new one.”

4. “Pajama to party dress”

5. “Thrift store transformation — corduroy or bust!”

6. “From a potato sack to an amazing dress!”

7. “My first thrift flip!”

8. “I took this unflattering shaped maxi dress and made it into a more shapely dress.”

9. “Turned a flannel dress into a 2-piece set! I’m still not leaving the house beyond necessity, which means no thrifting for a while, so I upcycled this dress from my closet.”

10. “My grandma mailed me some of her old dresses and I made this one into a skirt. I will share what I did to transform this jungle madness in the comments.”

11. “Made this convertible pinafore skirt out of 20-year-old fabric and upcycled one of my dad’s old shirts. Made this because I want to incorporate more vintage-looking pieces into my wardrobe.”

12. “I turned lots of old jeans that didn’t fit anymore into these new patchwork jeans. I saved the bigger scraps for other projects and used the small scraps as pillow stuffing! Denim is very bad for the environment due to how it is made but giving it a second life reduces its impact a bit.”

13. “Sometimes 1 plus 1 equals 1. But in this case, 2 garage sale shirts became 1 balloon-sleeved wrap shirt and a kerchief!”

14. “I turned a bridesmaid dress into a high-waisted skirt.”

15. “Upcycled a vintage dress into a skirt/crop set (self-drafted).”

16. “Upcycled a $1 dress into a matching set! I love the print.”

17. “Fixed up an old thrift find!”

18. “Upcycled my boyfriend’s tuxedo shirt into a cute top.”

19. “Upcycled this thrifted men’s silk shirt into a cropped Ashton top.”

20. “Very simple vintage re-fashion”

21. “Bought a huge men’s Dickies boiler suit on clearance. My tailoring experience is minimal at best. But I’m so proud of this. I feel great!”

Were you thinking of fixing up your closet and taking out everything you don’t wear anymore? After seeing these designs, did you feel inspired to transform your clothes? Share your own creations with us!

Preview photo credit frogsaretheworst / Reddit