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30+ Cases That Made People Exclaim “Nooo, Why?”

We all assume that air is free until we buy a bag of chips. Sometimes, while looking for an apartment for rent, we expect to see a little paradise according to an advertisement, but when we come to the actual place, we see a barbaric cave with a nice picture on the wall, the brightest spot in the whole apartment.

At Bright Side, we want to share the sweetest moments of rage and laughter over the most epic fails with you because quite honestly, each of us has probably been through something similar.

1. No! Why?!

2. “My parents’ DVD player”

3. “Found $10 picking up trash along the road. Then I lost my car keys. Happy Earth Day!”

4. “My mother ordered 1,000 plastic blocks for her nephews. Ended up receiving 523.”

5. Jeff should never, ever be given spray paint!


7. A bag sealed below the reusable seal makes it useless.

8. Most annoying combo

9. “My laptop creates that weird black dot effect.”

10. “Found out my sink has been glued to the counter this entire time. I hate it here.”

11. What in the world?! Eek!!

12. Recipient of the 2020 “not my job” award

13. “After years of projects together, she fell off the ladder...”

14. It makes your eyes sore.

15. “Bought 10 mg gummies to save money. Turns out the 10 mg container is still just 5 mg, but you need to take 2.”

16. “Just switched my bedroom furniture around yesterday and this is how I woke up this morning.”

17. I got transferred to a new location at work. This is my new ’break room.’"

18. These stairs in my hometown

19. The elevator buttons in my apartment building

20. “My parents watch TV without moving the mouse.”

21. It took some time for me to get a good look at the side of my house and I have no idea what this small window belongs to.

22. “I just wanted some eggs.”

23. “I was so excited to receive my hair dye.”

24. “Hot surface” written in Braille

25. “I went to the fridge to get milk for my cereal but someone put the milk back with this much left.”

26. “A tic-tac novelty box that has 60 individual boxes, each with 6 tic-tacs — that’s so much plastic!”

27. “When my husband goes out in public like this”

28. Electrical plugs that make half of the power strip unusable

29. It was marked for a reason.

30. This apartment was advertised as a “studio with a balcony.”

31. This misleading mobile game advertisement for “Gardenscapes”

32. When you’re pouring something and this happens:

33. It seems like even in 2060, people will keep doing this.

34. “I absolutely hate it!”

35. “My pizza looked a bit off, so I checked and realized I forgot to put cheese on it.”

36. “The ’waterfall’ my family drove 2 hours to see”

What’s the most typical, hilarious fail that happens to you over and over again? How do you usually cope with infuriating situations?

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