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8 Tiny Details in Your Look That Can Reveal Everything About You

Scientists say that we form a first impression of someone and decide whether they’re trustworthy or not in about 100 milliseconds. During this time, we estimate their social status, intelligence, and how successful they are. Did you know that it’s possible to tell how friendly you are by looking at the shape of your cheekbones? Even when you’re not saying anything, your appearance reveals a lot about your personal qualities. And now it’s time to find out what gives us away.

Bright Side has reviewed the newest studies from scientists to teach you to read other people like an open book. And in the bonus, we will tell you about a tiny but really important detail that helps to tell the difference between a neat woman and a messy one.

1. The belly button is connected with success in sports.

The height of the belly button is connected to how successful you are in sports. The higher the belly button, the faster a person can run. And someone who has a low belly button can become a great swimmer. It’s about the center of gravity: great runners have a higher center of gravity than ordinary people.

2. Blushing may actually be useful.

People that blush easily, often don’t like this trait in themselves. However, the ability to blush only conveys positive emotions to the people around them. First, blushing is impossible to imitate — it tells other people that you are sincere.

Second, blushing increases the attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite set. Blushing means that people are shy, not very confident, and a bit embarrassed. Potential partners trust these people way easier than people who don’t blush.

3. Having a sweet tooth tells a lot about someone’s personality.

Being a fan of sweet foods is not as bad as it seems. Of course, your teeth and your body shape might suffer but the people around you will love you.

The thing is, people think that those who love sweet foods are cute, friendly, and sincere.

4. Shoes give away the emotional state of their owner.

Psychologists from Kansas say that shoes can say a lot more about you than even the most detailed resume. Scientists asked students and found out what young people thought about the owners of certain types of shoes. Here are just a couple of conclusions they came to:

  • Anxious people love narrow shoes. Their shoes are usually new and look perfect (even if the weather is terrible). They worry about how they look and what others think of them.
  • Practical and functional shoes mean that a person is agreeable. They’re okay with appearing in public in old sneakers — comfort is the most important thing to them.

5. Hidden postpartum depression can be found in a mother’s body language.

According to experts, some moms don’t want to admit how exhausted they really are. Psychologists found a way to determine the level of stress of a young mother. They watched the way women hold their babies.

They found out that the women that hold their babies or rock their beds with their right hands are more susceptible to stress and often have postpartum depression. And vice versa, mothers that hold their babies on their left hands are more emotionally stable.

6. How you eat is connected with your temper.

According to Juliet Boghossian, a Los Angeles-based behavioral food expert, food habits can help us read other people like open books. Here are just some of the personalities regarding food habits that she’s talked about:

  • The slow eater: These people are calm and like to take their time to savor every moment.
  • The fast eater: These people are good at handling more than one task at a time and finishing things with deadlines. They tend to always be on the run and are very competitive.
  • The picky eater: These people like to stay within their comfort zone, don’t like to take risks, and have a fear of failing.
  • The isolationist: These people who like to eat different parts of a meal separately — like finishing their meat before eating their vegetables — tend to be detail-oriented and strive for perfection.

7. Biting one’s nails is a sign of perfectionism.

Biting nails or tapping your foot have always been considered to be bad habits that happen due to being nervous. But modern scientists say that these habits are actually signs of perfectionism.

Perfectionists want to bite their nails, not because they are anxious, but because they are worried that they are not busy with something. These people think that every minute of their lives has to be useful. In any situation (stress, boredom, waiting), perfectionists will do anything except sit motionlessly.

Scientists also mention that this behavior is not normal because being lazy is also good for your health.

8. Eye color is connected with personal qualities.

For hundreds of years, fortune-tellers have been trying to predict what someone’s temper will be by the color of their eyes. But this is nonsense. However, scientists from the Orebro University in Sweden found that the same genes that form our frontal lobes influence the color of our eyes. In the frontal lobes, there are behavior centers — which means that people with the same eye color could have the same life values.

So, when you meet someone new, look them in the eye — maybe you’ve met a soulmate.

Bonus: Badly cared for heels

Clean and smooth feet are one of the signs of a well-groomed lady. In winter and fall, it’s easy to hide your heels in the shoes and tights. But as soon as the summer comes, this problem has to be dealt with. Hard, calloused feet are easy to notice for other people. Scrubbing and using moisturizing creams are an important part of investing in your look.

Honestly, we were surprised by some of the discoveries from these scientists. Now, when we meet new people, we will look them in the eye and pay attention to their shoes. What do you look at? What do you base your impressions of new people on?