What Your Eating Habits Say About Your Personality

3 months ago

Most people don’t realize how revealing our eating habits are as a window to our personalities. Behavioral food expert Juliet A. Boghossian, who founded Food-ology, discovered a strict connection between the way we eat and the way we act after carefully watching her father. She says that our eating habits are highly instinctual and even if we try to fake them, the real ones will reveal themselves in the end. All you need to do is carefully look at the way someone eats to reveal a few of their character traits.

The team at Bright Side would like to present 11 of the most common eating styles that speak volumes about our personality and show even more about our behavioral patterns.

1. The slow eater

Eating at a slow pace may be one of the most annoying things if you’re the person that’s already finished and waiting on someone else. However, people who don’t seem to be in a rush to empty their plate want to enjoy every moment in their lives with absolutely no hurry. They follow this pattern in their workplace and personal life and sometimes it can make them lose track of time. Also, their co-workers might get annoyed by how long they take to finish one task and move on to another.

2. The fast eater

Those of you who finish your food in 5 minutes must be really good at multitasking. Fast eaters never miss a deadline and usually make it a day or 2 before it ends. They are also very competitive and always on the run which means that they are bound to miss some very important moments in their own lives. They can be so caught up in fulfilling all their obligations that they forget to take care of themselves.

3. The picky one

It’s very unusual for a picky eater to order at a restaurant without asking any questions or requesting to omit or add some ingredients. These people are very safe in their comfort zone and are very afraid to take that extra step that might reveal something they didn’t know about themselves. They only take jobs that they know perfectly well and don’t take any risks, fearing that they might fail. However, they are very eager learners and are not afraid to ask questions and learn things they previously didn’t know.

4. The one who organizes all the food on their plate

The people who fall into this category hate to see the different foods on their plates touch each other. Their need to keep everything tidied up and organized makes them very good at their work, being in full control of their tasks. Their home will probably be spotless, since they hate messy situations. It is possible for them to get extremely nervous when things don’t go as planned and they’ll need to start making compromises for the sake of their health.

5. The one who mixes all the food on their plate

A mixer usually combines all the food on their plate and takes a bite that includes a little bit of everything. These people are usually outgoing and friendly and they like taking on multiple responsibilities at their workplace. They love their job, but they know how to make time for their loved ones, and they usually create healthy relationships. However, sometimes their over-eagerness to multitask can exhaust them and make them lose track of deadlines, and their minds, over the extra amount of work.

6. The adventurous one

If every time you go at a restaurant you try to find the weirdest, most unique dish, then you fall into this category. People who do this usually like to take risks and are not afraid they will fail. They will even say “yes” to the craziest idea, wanting to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. Nobody ever perceives them as boring and many admire them for their bravery and risk-taking decisions. However, they should be careful to not pressure others to be as adventurous as they are, since not everyone is fit for taking risks.

7. The one who eats one thing at a time

Here we meet people who like to eat one dish at a time, before moving on to the next. This type of attribute is interpreted as being detail-oriented and those who are like this think everything through very carefully. This is why they are usually very successful at what they do and are praised for being so thorough with their work. They see the little details that everyone else misses. However, they should be patient with others who don’t follow the same strategy when getting things done.

8. The one who chews loudly

One of the most annoying things that can happen when sitting at the table with someone is having them chew their food loudly and talk with food in their mouth. These people are very extroverted and friendly and they don’t care about what others think of them. They never worry about anything and they treat every little trouble that comes their way with a relaxed attitude. It is very possible that they could have a hard time fitting in with others due to their oversharing attitude.

9. The one who carefully prepares their food

In this category, people like to cut their meal into bite-sized pieces before starting to eat. It’s their forward-thinking mind and organizational skills that make them act like this. They are big dreamers and have great aspirations for their career, even if everyone else thinks that they live in a bubble. They also like to make plans with friends in advance so they have their schedule worked-out. What they should be careful of is to not miss the present while trying to figure out their future.

10. The one who always asks for your food

While it’s considered a little selfish to deny sharing your food, it’s also very annoying when someone assumes they can share your fries every time you go out to eat. These people tend to get possessive and demand what they want, when they want it. Most of the time, they are only children and have rarely heard the word “no.” Besides that, they are very polite and affectionate with those around them, they just simply go off-track from time to time.

11. The one who never shares their food

FRIENDS / Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions and co producers

We all know that when dining out with other people it is quite common to offer to share our food out of courtesy. However, when someone doesn’t want to do this, others might think they are selfish. A non-judgmental person might think that you just like your independence and individuality and don’t want to share your food just because it is the polite thing to do. You simply order a main course for yourself and don’t want to share it with anyone.

Which eating habit best describes you and do the personality characteristics fit your own character? Please tell us your opinion down in the comment section.

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What would you say about my personality if,
I'm an adventurous eater who eats food fast n who carefully prepares their food n then mixes all food while eating!?!

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