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Each of Us Generates 1,000 lb of Waste per Year. Here Are 19 Ways We Can Change It

In a lifetime, we generate around 30 tons of trash. Just imagine how difficult it is for our planet to deal with such incredible amounts of waste. To help combat this, we can stop using single-use items and use the things we already have to the max.

Millions of people all around the world support an eco-friendly lifestyle and prove that saving our planet isn’t all that complicated.

Bright Side invites you to use some ideas presented by Internet users. Keep in mind that big changes start with small steps.

Plastic items can take up to 700 years to decompose. You can use your personal reusable bag instead!

You can make it with your own 2 hands. Your cat will help you.

Wicker bags like this are extremely popular now.

Use this cup instead of single-use ones.

It can be a glass, a thermos mug, or a regular cup.

“Convinced the ice cream shop to let me have it in my reusable cup instead of a disposable cup.”

Sanitary pads are a big threat to our planet. 1 menstrual cup can be used for 10 years. During this time, a woman would use around 2,000 pads.

Use a luffa sponge in the shower.

Biodegradable bags instead of regular ones

“My low-waste weekly grocery haul”

“I made shampoo bars: total cost for a year supply was about $20, and no more plastic bottles!”

“I think I’m going to stop buying new clothes. Made this from a $4 shirt.”

A second chance: stuffed whales made from old jeans

A basket made from old t-shirts

Face cleaner rounds and other cleaning cloths from old t-shirts

This gift wrap from old Christmas table cloths

“My mom is slowly knitting a scarf made completely from tea bag strings.”

Zero-waste confetti

A candle in a coconut

Do you take care of our planet? Share your experience with us in the comments! We’re sure your tips will be useful for others.

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