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Here’s Why Cats Love Chilling in Sinks

Cats are weirdos that can feel at home anywhere: from a random box to someone’s pocket. But there’s one spot that is their top favorite: a sink, where they can chill for hours. Unfortunately, we can’t ask a cat what is so special about it. However, some experts have their guesses.

Here at Bright Side we did a little research and figured out what the possible reasons are behind this quirky cat habit.

Reason № 1: To cool down

The bathtub and the sink are usually the coolest places in the house. When it’s summer or just hot in the house, many cats, especially long-haired ones, prefer to escape to a more comfortable environment. Also, the bathroom is usually the quietest place, where people don’t walk around all the time, and cats feel less disturbed there. Being too big, the bathtub isn’t as comfortable for them as a sink, where they fit perfectly.

Reason № 2: To safely control the situation

Studies showed that sheltered cats who have boxes to hide in experience less stress when they get into a new environment, compared to cats that don’t have one. It is possible that cats overall feel more protected when they hide somewhere like a box or a sink.

Some experts say that a sink can serve as an observation deck for cats. They are elevated, and from there a cat can observe and control what’s going on in their territory.

Reason № 3: To get your attention

The last reason is that a cat demands your attention, so they occupy the place they know you’ll possibly need soon. This way, you will definitely notice your cat, and they will get some snuggles from you. Also, pay attention to whether you are in the habit of petting the cat when it’s in the sink. Maybe they actually acquired this habit because of you, associating being in there with the praise they receive from you.

Does your cat chill in the sink? What other quirky habits does it have? Let us know, and maybe we’ll find an answer!

Preview photo credit tressilly / reddit