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Internet Users Share Pictures of Things Few People Know How to Use

If you come across something strange and you can't figure out what it is, there's an easy way to find out – just post a picture of it on Reddit in the special thread and wait. This is where users share their interesting discoveries and help each other understand what they're looking at. Some of these things you're about to see in this article!

We at Bright Side want to share these incredible discoveries with our readers.

1. "I know every rooster's job except for the second one from the right on the bottom. What is he holding?"

The rooster is holding a mash paddle for making beer.

2. "Metal sidewalk rings found all over Portland."

This ring was used as a horse hitch. These days, sometimes people hitch plastic toy horses to them. For example, this dog came across these little horses.

3. "Found among my Grandfather's personal things. He lived from 1924 to 2017 but I don't know when it is from. He was a doctor and also in the Navy if that helps."

This is simple: it's a spring-loaded coin holder. And it has nothing to do with the profession of the owner. It looks very elegant.

4. "A mysterious circular brush included with some cooking utensils."

It's a corn desilker. Removes the silk from the cob. This is what it looks like.

5. "What is this? It has 2 holes for wall mounting, and it has a magnet with that metal bottle cap looking thing."

It's a soap holder. Push the cap into the soap and the bracket can be attached to the wall.

6. "A weird bottle found at a garage sale. One end has a cap and opens and the other is sealed glass."

It's a rolling pin. Fill it with ice water for pie crust rolling.

7. "Found among my late grandma's things."

It's a sharpener for knives or razor blades. The package says how it was used.

8. "What is this? At the OB/GYN. The metal thing is connected to a computer."

It's a urine flow rate meter. It would normally have a container on top of that scale on the floor.

9. "Can anyone tell me what this is?"

It's a vintage hand warmer. You had to light up the stick inside the warmer and it would burn and warm your hands.

10. "I found this in a bag of pens I got from a second-hand store. What is this thing?"

It's a sewing tool called a seam ripper. It is used to take apart sewn seams.

11. "Found on a beach of San Diego, some layers appear to be translucent."

On Navy ships, they melt/compress and recycle their trash into plastic disks like this. Most likely, one fell and this is a small chunk of it.

12. "Found while remodeling — what is it for?"

This is used for scraping/grating the insides of coconuts.

13. "What are these spoons?"

These are vintage cocktail spoons. You could use it to squash a cherry in your drink.

14. "Found this in my mom’s kitchen. What is it?"

It’s a potato baker. You put potatoes on the spikes in the oven and bake them.

15. "My Mom and Dad just bought a house and the previous owners left this on a shelf. Any ideas on what it is?"

It's for collecting crumbs from the table and emptying ashtrays. Now it's used for vintage decor.

Do you think that the purpose of these items was correctly explained? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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