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Why Some People Suddenly Turn Their Toilet Seat Blue

The blue toilet seat has become one of the most discussed topics on the Internet. Both men and women have become victims of this phenomenon. It happens when they get up from the toilet and see changes in color on the seat. In most cases, the color varies from something between a shade of blue and purple and it seems like magic.

We at Bright Side managed to find reports from people who’ve had firsthand experience with this and we’ve discovered a few theories that will help you finally learn why your toilet seat turns blue.

1. The first theory is always blue jeans.

At first glance, a blue toilet seat might seem funny and fantastical, especially to those who’ve never experienced it. But it’s a real thing and it happens when you transfer a blue color onto the toilet seat. Everyone who’s experienced this has been in for a surprise after getting up from the toilet seat, but not anymore. This condition has finally been explained.

Blue jeans can leave a stain on our skin, especially new ones. That’s why this is the first thing that comes to mind. But before we look at the other conditions, we must rule out this theory. Even if you don’t remember what you were wearing that particular day, you will know if that’s the cause by how easily you can clean the seat. If the seat is still blue after you’ve tried to clean it, rule out the blue jeans theory immediately.

2. The color of our body oils and sweat turn blue.

Chromhidrosis is a condition that turns our body oils and sweat into a blue or even gray color. There’s a sweat gland known as lipofuscin and it’s common in our bodies. But people who suffer from chromhidrosis have a higher concentration of lipofuscin and this leads to discoloration of the sweat and body oils. If you suffer from this condition, you probably will also notice blue stains on your skin, clothes and bed sheets.

3. When bacteria gets mixed with our sweat, it creates a color.

This is a rare case when nonpathogenic bacteria and sweat mix together and it’s called pseudochromhidrosis. When this chemical reaction happens, we might notice discoloration in areas like the armpits. Aside from a blue color, it can result in red and even black. So when we use the toilet, we may leave a stain on the toilet seat. In fact, you might notice discoloration on other surfaces like the bathtub.

Some oral and topical antibiotics can fight the bacteria and cure this condition. But don’t try anything without talking to your doctor first.

4. Hormonal changes can cause the color to appear.

Hormonal changes play an important part in this too. That’s why the largest number of people who reported a blue toilet seat were pregnant women. The increased levels of hormones that are present during pregnancy might be the reason. So when the skin interacts with the toilet seat, it can cause a change of color. This is because of the coating that the seat is made of.

If you’re pregnant, remember that it will all go away once the hormones start to balance. Still, it would be wise to contact your doctor and tell them about your experience. You might need to get your hormones checked, especially if you’re not expecting. Don’t be surprised if your doctor finds this unreal and even funny — but in the end, they will help you for sure.

This blue stain is hard and even impossible to clean. So it would be good to wait until after you deliver the baby to get a new toilet seat.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever stained your toilet seat blue before? Please share your experience with this phenomenon down in the comment section.

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