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8 Movie Mistakes That Are Very Hard to Notice at First

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These facts are always fascinating to me, but the Harry Potter should have green eyes bothers me. Daniel had a reaction to both the glasses and the green contacts. Eyes are more important health wise than a rash on his nose. Why would they make a big deal about the girl playing Lily and her eye color if Daniel couldn't wear the green contacts? There are more important things than movie adaptions being exactly 100% like the book, but I do agree that "modern" things shouldn't be in "older" time periods. I mean, other than in science fiction or fantasy world. Unless it is specified that the technology is behind in their area than what was historical for that time. Now, some things where a slightly different version technology wise that may have existed a bit before a patent, but something proved to not have a primative version shouldn't be used if just a story not in the future of another planet or magical world.

My point about a movie adaption from a book angers book lovers. I also love books, but when things are approved by the author or just taken out for time reasons I can`t let myself get worked up over it. Honestly , "...THE GOBLET OF FIAHH?!" Is just funny to me.