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15 Facts About “The Princess Diaries” That Will Make You Fall in Love With the Movie All Over Again

Just like in music, there are films that are nothing more than a one-hit-wonder — they’re a huge success just after their release but after a while, no one speaks about them again. On the other hand, there are some films that no matter how much time passes by, are still considered just as relevant as the first day they hit theatres. Even decades after their release, they still manage to captivate viewers and score new fans. That’s exactly the case of a certain romantic comedy we’ll be talking about in this article.

And that’s why Bright Side wants to share with our readers 15 facts about The Princess Diaries that many people don’t know about, despite having seen the movie many times. We’re sure that after reading this article, you’ll want to rewatch this beautiful comedy again and again.


Whitney Houston was in charge of production along with 2 other producers.


You wouldn’t be able to tell because of her amazing performance, but Anne Hathaway made her debut as an actress in this movie.


But still, Hathaway had to attend an audition to get the part.


The actor who played Mia’s father in the movie was Anne Hathaway’s real father.


In the scenes prior to her complete makeover, Hathaway had to wear a wig and fake eyebrows.


During the shooting of the film, Hathaway went out dressed like Mia and said she had never felt so alone in her life.


Garry Marshall, the movie’s director, was also in charge of directing Pretty Woman.


This fact might explain why the scene where Mia breaks a glass and the waiter says, “It happens all the time,” is actually a nod to Pretty Woman. Indeed, the same actor (Allan Kent) says the same sentence to Vivian (Julia Roberts) when she lets a snail slip while eating dinner with Edward (Richard Gere).


Hector Elizondo, the actor who played Joe, has appeared in all of Garry Marshall’s films.


Playing the role of Charlotte Kutaway, Queen Clarisse’s secretary, was Kathleen Marshall, daughter of Garry Marshall.


According to the film, the location of Genovia could be that of Andorra, between Spain and France.


In the movie, the character named Michael has a rock band. Robert Schwartzman, the actor who played the role, had a band too — only his went by the name Rooney.


Mia’s kitty was played by 4 different cats. One of them was actually Anne Hathaway’s real pet. Looks like almost all the Hathaways were in the movie!


There’s a scene in the movie where Mia falls down on the bleachers. That fall was not in the script, it was purely accidental. However, the director found it so funny that he decided to keep the take and include it in the movie.


Mia takes etiquette classes as part of her apprenticeship to become a princess. In one of her lessons, she recites a passage from Shakespeare. The funny thing here is that Shakespeare’s wife was named — you guessed it: Anne Hathaway!

Here’s a game for you: If you had been in charge of casting The Princess Diaries and Anne Hathaway wasn’t available to star in the movie, which actress would you have chosen instead? Why do you think she (or maybe he) would’ve been a great fit for the role?

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