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12 Times Royal Men Grew Out Their Beards and Became 100% More Dashing

When Prince Harry decided to grow out his beard, the queen wasn’t happy with it. The monarch believes it’s fine for a man to grow facial hair when they’re serving in the military, but a prince should always be perfectly groomed when he’s carrying out his royal duties. Harry, however, decided to keep his look, and many other royal men have experimented with their facial hair at one time or another. Even the royals who are rarely seen unshaven sometimes sported a stubbly look.

We at Bright Side think these royal men look charismatic whether they’re clean-shaven or with a beard, and it’s hard to decide which way they look best. And as a bonus, we’ve prepared an extra photo at the end of the article for you to check out.

1. Prince William

2. Prince Charles

3. Prince Harry

4. King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

5. Prince Haakon of Norway

6. Prince Andrea Casiraghi of Monaco

7. Prince Frederik of Denmark

8. King Felipe VI of Spain

9. Prince Nikolaos of Greece

10. Prince Albert of Monaco

11. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden

12. Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco

Bonus: James Middleton

Do you think these royals look better with or without a beard?

Preview photo credit SIPA / East News, AP/East News
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