15+ Celebrity Photo Collages That Show How a Hair Part Can Change the Way You Look

When it comes to changing our looks, a different haircut or hair color are probably the first options that come to mind. Meanwhile, shifting your hair part may be a fantastic tool to change your overall appearance. As it turns out, middle and side hair parts can bring out certain features of your face and hide others, and they can even change your facial shape, similar to contouring.

We at Bright Side made 16 photo collages showing celebrities wearing middle and side parts to prove how the hair part you choose can change the way your face looks. These famous women look gorgeous in all their pictures, but there’s certainly a difference in facial proportions and the overall impression.

Kim Kardashian

Keira Knightley

Jennifer Aniston

Cameron Diaz

Eva Mendes

Natalie Portman

Katy Perry

Anne Hathaway

Amy Adams

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lawrence

Mila Kunis

Kate Winslet

Gwen Stefani

Drew Barrymore

Eva Longoria

Which hair part do you prefer and why? Have you ever noticed how a hair part can change your look?

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