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15 Happy Couples That Prove True Love Only Grows Stronger as the Years Go By

There are many ingredients that go into a happy and successful marriage that lasts a lifetime. You have to be patient and kind to one another to truly make your relationship work. And no one knows it better than the people featured in this article. Some of them managed to keep their spark alive for over 70 years, and we definitely have a lot to learn from them.

Here at Bright Side, we couldn’t take our eyes off these loving couples who can set an example for all of us.

1. “My grandparents recreated their ’going away’ photograph 61 years later at the same location.”

2. “50 something years apart”

3. “A 77-year-long marriage”

4. “My grandparents on their first date in 1945 and their most recent date, 68 years later.”

5. “My Italian grandparents recreating their wedding photo, 1964 and 1994 — they look like they only grew happier together.”

6. “50 years of marriage today, they met on a blind date.”

7. “After 71 years of marriage, Grandma passed. Grandpa says, ’Well, I got to know her pretty well.’”

8. “My grandparents’ seventieth anniversary — wedding day photo vs today”

9. “Somewhere before the first picture, my grandma had a bunch of kids.”

10. “Married 70 years today.”

11. “My grandparents on their wedding day and sixtieth anniversary.”

12. “50 years apart”

13. “My good-looking grandparents on their first date and then after 50 years.”

14. “Aged with grace”

15. “My grandparents on their 50-year wedding anniversary”

How long have you been with your partner? What do you think is the secret to a happy marriage?

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