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15 People Who Love the Job They Do With All Their Heart

Some of the luckiest people on earth are those who do a job they love. And that’s definitely the case for the man who refuses to quit his job as a nurse, even though he’s 71! And there are many other people who are just as dedicated to what they do. Whether it’s someone who works at the library, or translates rap songs into sign language at concerts, there’s one thing that unites them — their passion.

We at Bright Side wish every person could look forward to going to work every day. And the people we’re about to show you could tell you all about it!

1. A brave photographer taking a close-up shot of a crocodile

2. “My dad is a 71-year-old nurse and refuses to quit! Words can’t describe how proud I am.”

3. “I told my students that if almost all of them did an online test they could choose my facial hair.”

4. Danish policeman playing with a Syrian refugee child on her way to Sweden

5. This vet ate in a rescue dog’s cage to make her feel safe.

6. “The librarian at my school made a poster of herself welcoming people to the library.”

7. “My Uber driver today was a super sweet woman!”

8. “These 2 window cleaners outside my office”

9. “My skydiving instructor was 60. This was his 9,424th drop and he doesn’t plan on stopping until he reaches 10,000.”

10. “I work as a welder, and during my off time I use my welding skills to create art. This is my latest creation.”

11. “Our principal wanted to help raise money for breast cancer awareness, each piece of tape was only a dollar...”

12. “It makes me love my job even more when I get to cheer kids up at work.”

13. “Our waitress at Waffle House had this tattoo. That’s dedication!”

14. “Our tour guide stopped to give a raccoon some fresh water.”

15. She is a sign language interpreter.

Do you know anyone who’s as passionate about their job as these people? What do you do for work? Do you like it?

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